Hello 2nd Trimester !

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Hello 2nd Trimester !

14 weeks today ! Yahoo

I found the baby's heartbeat with my doppler yesterday for the first time. I took it out again this morning and laid down on the couch so DH and the boys could hear it too. I was very nervous at first since this pregnancy was unplanned, but hearing the sweet sound of that little heartbeat just reminded me of why I love being pg so much. Third time around, and it's still just as exciting. Biggrin

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Yay for a second trimester!!!!!!!! And hearing the hb on the doppler!

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Yay! I wish I had a doppler! I'm considering myself as being in the second trimester. It's so nice to see you've made some progress when January feels SO far away!

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Yay! I found it yesterday too when I hit 14 weeks.

So glad we are in the second trimester now!

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HaPPy beats.. I can not wait to hear my lil one Smile