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HellO :)

My name is Jaimie and I will be joining this group! Yay this will be my first baby and im so excited. Lately Ive just been really emotional and feelin weird. Mood swings like crazy. Dizzy too. Ill post my BFP it is soooo dark! I couldnt be happier. Im now starting to freak out about having a healthy baby. Normal I hope??

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CONGRATULATIONS and welcome to January 2012 ! I look forward to sharing this journey with you. Biggrin

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Thank u I am sooo excited!!!

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Welcome!!!! I was waiting for you! Smile

And yes, totally normal to worry about a healthy baby...especially this early on.

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Welcome! Gorgeous BFP! Oh, and freaking out is completely normal. Wink

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Heck, even those of us who've done this before worry sometimes. You're fine!

And welcome to the club! That test's so strong it's liable to jump up and smack you in the face, LOL.

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Congratulations on that awesomely dark BFP!

It's normal no matter how many times you do it!

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Thank you eveyone! Ya, I was expecting to have to look for a light line and put it up to some light but by the time i got some pee on it and sat it down to stand up it was already there... totally shocked. When am I suppose to go into the doctor? anyone with advice on first time pregnancys? I've heard 6 weeks and ive heard 8 weeks

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Every doctor is different so you'll have to give yours a call and see what they do.

My doc does paperwork/bloodwork at 7-8 weeks. And then pap/us at 10-11 weeks. Some docs don't have us machines in office so you have to make a different appointment.

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Congrats Jamie!!
Very happy for you!!

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Glad to see you here, congrats!! Biggrin

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Congratulations officially here!!! Smile your BFP is definitely the definition of BFP!!!!

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My OB wants to see women at 8 weeks but some OBs will wait as late as 12 weeks. I hope you get in soon. How far along are you?

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congratulations!! welcome to January 2012!

every doc is different, best to just call the office and they'll set it up for you. they'll ask when your last period was, and go from there.

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Im trying to get in, but they frustrated me and I have to go back down to my insurance company agent and fill out different paperwork. Im not having a great day Sad then I was looking for something online and i ran across some pro choice website by a complete accident and its saying you could get a positive and not be pregnant so that pissed me off. Ive been not pleasent at all. im going into my 5th week.

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Congrats and welcome Jaimie!

I wouldn't worry about that BLAZING BFP being a false positive. True flase positives are very rare. From what I've read, a lot of times women may mistake an evap line for a pos line and thus count it as a positive when it's not. But yeah, no mistaking yours. If it were any more pink, it would be purple. Smile

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is it bad to lie to the doctors office so I am seen sooner?......i totally just did but I just want to make sure eveything is good Smile

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The only issue with early appointments is that it could be too early.

Do you know what the first appt entails? How far along will you be?

If they do an U/S prior to 6 weeks, it's likely you won't see much. Those early u/s lead to a lot of unnessecary worry in most moms.

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Very pretty lines!! A big Congratulations and Welcome, Jaimie!! Yahoo

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Well the earliest they could get me in is june 2 and thats just to confirm my pegnacy so the insurance will pick up on the prenatal part. Ill be almost 7 weeks so then ill be seen by the ob fo ultrasound and stuff the following week. I just hate waitin cause it gives me mre time to think lol