Hello Friends!

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Hello Friends!

I would like to introduce myself to you all. I am new to posting on the boards, however I have been lurking for what seems like FOREVER! My name is Kimberly, and I have an amazing DH. We were married in May of 2007 and started trying for our little family shortly after (September 2007). Unfortunately it's taken us down a long and bumpy road. I have done many tests, dh has done SA, I have done many cycles on Clomid, and we have had little "breaks" from TTC....and all have ended in BFN's :(. Recently we have consulted with a new doctor who will be working with us to achieve our goal, via IUI. I have found a new outlook on everything and I am getting really excited and anxious for what's to come. Just like the s/n I've chosen, I've got a Handful of Hope and ready to get things started (again). I look forward to making new friends and getting to know you ladies. There have been many times I have wanted to stop lurking and become a member, but chickened out. Now I am ready-- even though I fear "board hopping" and the dreaded AF witch will get me down. But at least I'll have you gals to vent and rant to...


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Hi and welcome! My name is Ashly. I am sorry things have been a struggle for but YAY for a dr that is going to be active and help you hold a baby at last Smile I have been trying for 16 months now we have done 7 cycles on Clomid and now we are going to try clomid, an hcg shot and iui this next cyle so I am very hopeful! I am crossing my fingers for you! Best of luck! These ladies on here are awesome!

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Welcome Kimberly! Glad that you came of our lurkdom to join us.

GL with your new doc and IUI. Baby dust!!