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Hello there!

I have such an on-again/off-again relationship with this site. But I find myself in need of support now so looks like I will be back to stay.

After much debate over the situation, we decided to "get science involved". The stupid witch found me last night, when I was convinced that we actually did it on our own! Sad
So this cycle I will be starting Clomid and getting an IUI. I am seriously scared to death of doing this. Almost to the point of tears when I think about it.

Hopefully all works out in the first round. Looking forward to finally being about to stick around a board. Haha.

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(m/c ment)

Good luck and sorry the witch found you!!

First, I HIGHLY recommend you take Clomid in the evening/night (maybe around dinner time) just in case of side effects. First round I took it in the morning and I had headaches all day for a week. This round I took it around 8 PM after dinner and I slept through any headaches I got on it!!

IUI isn't that bad either. I usually get a lot of discomfort/pain with PAP tests and whatnot but I didn't even feel it with the IUI. It worked for us first try too (after 4 years of unexplained) but unfortunately it was a chemical pregnancy.

How is your doctor monitoring you? Are you doing daily monitoring and blood work up to O time? Where we are the goverment health plan covers ultrasound and blood work 100% so I have to go in and get jabbed and prodded daily. That's probably the worst part of it because you feel like cattle. Woman after woman comes in for 5 min appointment intervals for blood work, then you drop your pants, vaginal ultrasound, get dressed again, back to a little room, and the nurse gives you the status and tells you what the plan is for the next day. No sleeping in if it falls on a weekend, re-arranging work schedules during the week. Definitely the worst part.

I wish you luck though and I really hope it works for you on the first try!

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Oh my goodness! No monitoring here, I guess because I am in the military and going to a military hospital. All they said to me was, use OPKs, call us when it is + and then the next morning you will come in for the IUI.

I did see your post on the Clomid page about taking it at night! I will totally be taking your advice! Thank you!

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always, I just got back from #2 IUI. The first month of infertility medication I used Clomid 100mg from CD 3-7, I got a BFN. I agree and would take it either in the evening or at night. I took mine at about 530 after I got home from work. I had more side effects with clomid than injectables. With my first and second IUI, I did Gonal-F injectables and my eggs have really grown.(only left tube working) What I don't understand is that you aren't being monitored. My DH is in the army too and I am going to Dr Parker,RE at Fort Bragg. My first month of clomid without iui they didn't monitor me but we only used timed BD. Since I had to have the heavy guns, they have me go in for an ultrasound and bloodwork after starting injections on CD3. She already talked to me about it this morning because I asked what happens if this doesn't work. They basically will do 3 IUI's but then it's on to IVF. I told her that what we had already been thinking. Now we don't get IVF covered so we are going to save up for IVF before he PCS to korea for a hardship tour for a year. I will be keeping my fingers crossed for you though!! It's exciting and emotional journey.

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Jenna, it's nice to see you here again. Good luck with the IUI!! I've recently gone to my OB to see what's going on with me and my lady parts. We are considering "getting science involved" at this point, but haven't made any decisions.

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I mentioned to my hubby that other people are getting monitored during this process and he found it weird that we weren't since they told us that they will be monitoring us because they were really stern when talking about the chances of multiples and how they want to make sure multiples don't happen. So, I will be calling my doctor next week to see if they want to monitor me. Ugh.

IVF isn't something that we want to do, so I am hoping this will just be it. *fingers crossed for all of us*

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Hey Jenna -

Good luck with the Clomid and IUI. I completely understand your fear of getting "science" involved...I feel exactly the same way, and have been procrastinating about moving forward with the RE. I hope your get your BFP without any more issues! :goodluck: