Here is my intro FINALLY!!!!

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Here is my intro FINALLY!!!!

Hi Ladies! My name is Ashly! I have a hubby named James he is going through Law School right now and we have 4 great kids together! Maddy is almost 7, Lucille is almost 5, Wade is 3 and LeLand is 2! We have been a LONG journey to tc #5 for about 17 months now! STUPID DEPO SHOT! Anyways were are excited to add another one! I took clomid this cycle and we were supposed to do IuI but that didn't work out but I got pregnant anyways! I had some bloodwork today and my 1st us is on June 6th to check for twins! I can't wait to get to know EVERYONE so much better and share this board with you!! Funny because I have a Jan baby already! Oh dd is Jan. 22nd! But that might change!!!!

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I've been waiting for you to make it official!!!!

WELCOME!!!!!!!!! So happy to share a BB with you! Congrats again, Ashly.

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I've been waiting too! SO SO SO SO SO glad to see you sticking around here Smile

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Hooray! Glad to see you here. Smile

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Ooo Congratulations!!!

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Congrats again Ashly, so glad you get to hang out here with us!! Biggrin

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Congrats on your BFP!

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Yay and congrats!!!!!

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Welcome to January!

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Congrats and welcome aboard ! Biggrin

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woooooooooooooooooooooo hoooooooooooooooooooooo............just saw James' status on FB!!!!! CONGRATS to you both, you have been waiting so long for this.

So, did this happen on your vaca here? ROFL

luv ya :openarms:

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Congrats!! :jumpingbeans:

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Congratulations and Welcome, Ashly!! :pinkelephant: Glad to have you with us and let us know how many, this board needs some twins Biggrin

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SOOO happy for you Ashly!!!! Congrats!!!! :party: