Hi Ladies :o) Your all too sweet! *Long*

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Hi Ladies :o) Your all too sweet! *Long*

Hi Everyone,
Thank you so much for thinking about me for the past week! Boy was it crazy! So here is what happened! So Friday before labor day I was feeling a little off and started to get an upset stomach and vomitting. Didn't think much of it, about midnight going into Saturday I was in horrible pain! So hubby drives me to the emergency room, go to L&D they admit me do all kinds of tests and an ultrasound. Give me meds thank God took all that pain away. They come up with a kidney stone and infection and a werid stomach infection. They do iv antibiotics to help it faster. So I stay saturday night and all day sunday. Feeling a little better. They let me eat kept it down 30 minutes sent me home on meds about 4pm. 7pm eat something small start throwing up again and the pain is back 10x worse! So I try to stick it out about 10pm the pain is so bad I am crying and dying on my floor! No one can come and watch kids so I drive myself to another hospital closer to me since mine is an hour away. I don't even remember driving I was so out of it and in pain. This hospital is awesome and great they admitted me and decided to do more tests. So labor day they want to monitor with no meds well that didn't last long pain and more throwing up by this time they think its the apendix or liver I no longer have a gallbladder. So before the operation to remove it they do a quick ct and boom a HUGE hernia right under my bellybutton and instead of the bowls coming out the uterus is growing up inside of it! CRAZY! Take me to OR right away. A 1 hour surgery turned into 2 hours, but they got her out of the hole and repaired it. They said 48 hours will tell us if I will start to go into labor and I did not. I was sent home Weds. because their labor floor was packed! We live in the middle of the country so this was the only hospital! But my Ob had a good handle on it called me every 4 hours to make sure everything was alright. Healing is hard it's very painful but I am off the narcotics as of last night and it's sore but I can walk. I had an ob appt today and baby looked good on the ultrasound and her heartbeat was good I was high and closed. I go back September 26th for another ultrasound. My ob says things looks good. So I am so happy about that!

The most scary part is they had a nicu dr come talk to me and my husband and I had to think about if we wanted to let the baby live or sign a dnr for her. This is where the part of having no more kids come in. With my last son he was born and was very sick he has chronic lung disease but there is a long story that goes with it but he wasn't supposed to live but we are so happy he is here. So when this dr said this we decided that we did not want our baby girl to suffer so we signed a dnr order. It was the hardest thing I have ever done in my life. It was worse than seeing my 8 months old social security disabilty papers saying he was approved becasue his life span was shorter than 10 years. Hubby and I just can not handle this again. Even though a hernia is nothing it was very scary and I think we are done. we are happy and sad about it but it's the best thing to do!

Janelle! Thank you for keeping everyone updated! Now I hope to get caught up on everything else and ride out the rest of my pregnancy with NO problems!!!

Sorry for all bad spelling trying to do this in bed with y 2yr old helping!

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Wow I am so so sorry you had to go through such a ordeal as I know how scary that must of been. I am very happy to hear that all is well Smile


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Wow, what a scary, traumatic experience! I'm glad it all turned out ok! I hope you continue to heal well and feel better soon!

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You're so very welcome, sweetie.

I know how loved you are on these boards and I knew you needed all the prayers you could get.

You are near and dear to me and I cried for you. I'm crying now, too.. but they are happy tears. Smile

I'm glad you are feeling better and that Carolina is doing well.


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Sorry you went through all that, but i'm glad you and the LO are ok! :bigarmhug:

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Oh my gosh so scary! I'm so glad you're back and recovering, take it easy!!! :bighug:

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Oh my lord, I am so glad that you and the baby are okay. The uterus was pushed up through the hernia???

This is one strong baby. I'm glad there was a positive outcome to such a traumatic experience.

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So glad to hear you are home recovering and doing well!

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So glad you're back and doing better. What a scary experience...would have been scary even while not pregnant...but you and baby are tough cookies Smile

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Wow Ashly, I am so happy you & carolina are okay. That seems like a crazy experience w/out being pregnant. It's so great that you both came out okay on the other end.

I cannot even imagine going through what you & your dh have been through w/ both your son & now this. Your heartache is understandable. You are two very strong people.

Here's to a nice, calm rest of your pregnancy.

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That sounds so scary! Glad you and LO are doing well, hope your healing time flies by and u feel better soon.

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That must have been scary. I hope the rest of your pregnancy goes smoothly!

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I'm SO glad you are both O.K. Sounds like you have been through a lot the last couple of yrs. (((BIG HUGS))) Praying your recovery is quick and that the rest of your pregnancy is uneventful.

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Sweet Carolina needs to stay put! I am SO SO SO glad you are doing better Ashly and I hope you heal quickly.

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Wow, so glad you and baby are ok!!

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Thank you ladies, it really was scary but my ob said it does happen but you never think it happens to you. And the reason the uterus was growing in it wasn't because the baby was strong just the top part was growing and found a nice little space to hang out! Smile