Hormones suck!

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Hormones suck!

I have had 3 migraines this week because of these raging hormones. My ob says he only wants me taking Tylenol and that does nothing for a migraine. I'm missing work today because this recent one kicked my butt and now I have what I refer to as a migraine hangover. That's when I am drained the next day from dealing with one.

And my ds is watching handy manny right now and one stupid scene was sweet so I started crying, ugh. So lame!

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SO w/ you Jenn. No migraines here, but I am quite surprised my bf hasn't left yet. I have been up & down, backwards & sideways w/ these emotions.

We are dealing w/ A LOT of outside stresses that just compound the simple stress of having a baby in such an untraditional relationship. We don't even know what to do: stay living separate? move in together & merge families? we have no clue & seem to change our minds every hour or so. lol.

HORMONES are NOT helping!! That's an understatement.

Hope you have a good holiday w/end & recover well.

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That sucks! I've been getting headaches that last all day.. not a migraine though, thank god. I found myself crying over that cat video that's going around :rolleyes:

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I hear you there. My poor DH gets the main part of them, i feel SOO bad but I cant help it :/ Also the tiredness from it kills me. I will get so exhausted my body just aches to no extent.

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Ooooh, sorry about the migraines. I don't get them, but I have heard that they are awful.

I almost lost my crap yesterday when I came home from work and the house was a mess. DH is a teacher, and he is changing school districts this year, so he had to bring all of his stuff home. And then he just left it all over the kitchen (all sorts of books and boxes and office supplies and knick knacks just piled all over our counters and kitchen table.) I'm pretty OCD about stuff like that on my best day, but with the added boost of hormones, I was ready to rip into him. But he's sick (has had a really bad flu-like cold for the past couple of days) so the way he described it is that he had to get it out of his back seat so he could drive our dog to the groomers, but then he didn't have the energy to take it all upstairs and put it away. So, trying to be cool because I do know he's sick, I managed to keep a lid on most of my irritation. He could still tell, but he's smart enough to let it go.

Then I cried listening to some song on the radio this morning. Now I can't even remember which song it was.

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I've been a lot better this time around, but I'm still really feeling those hormones. I just have much less patience. I'm a music teacher, and honestly, my students are getting the worst of it. We're getting ready for several end of the year programs which is always extremely stressful for me, but is extra difficult this year with my lack of patience and level of exhaustion. I'm not out of controll or anything, just much more stern than usual. I'm just trying to preserve my sanity for these final two weeks of school.

Summer vacation can't get here fast enough!

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ewww I know exactly what you girls are talking about, This is my first pregnancy ever and I just lost it with customer support for some paper they sent but I never got, I started screaming hung up then cried for 5 minutes! really hormones?!

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Same boat here. Cranky dont want to be touched. DH wants to cuddle and have our time together and thats the last thing i want to do. I feel sea sick and rude. Then I have to apologize later. When will it all level out?

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I hope you can get some relief form the migranes. Sounds terrible.

Mine is completely emotional and crying at the drop of a hat. My mom has completely peeved me since yesterday due to a comment (which I may bring up in another thread) and she has no clue why. I am so drained from it. I just feel like crap.

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lol. our poor families. lol

James~it should level out around week 12 or so.....

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I just phoned my husband demanding to know where he was. I not only forgot where he told me he was going, I forgot he left the house. I suddenly looked up and realized that I hadn't talked to him for a few hours, and freaked out. It's like having a black hole for a memory.

As for crying, I'm tearing up over sappy things. I started crying over that new movie trailer about the surfer girl whose arm was bitten off by a shark. How sad! How BRAVE!!! :cryinghard:

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Lol you poor thing... feel better!