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In the hospital

Well last night the pain in my back got so bad I could hardly move so we went into the ER. I had a fever of 102 when I got in and my heart rate was in the 130's. I was admitted and am now in the hospital. I'm not sure how long I'll be here for could be going home tonight or i could spend another night, right now it's just a waiting game. So far I haven't had any bleeding, so as far as we can tell baby is still doing okay. I hit 5 weeks yesterday. They tried finding the heart beat with the doppler but couldn't, but it's still early to find it with that. There was no doubt that it was a kidney infection with the labs that they drew. With the kidney infection that does leave me at higher risk to miscarry so I'm sure I'll have to take it easy for a bit.

So that is my fun for the week.

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Aw im sorry your in the hospital sweety. Hope u feel better soon!

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Oh no, sorry to hear your in the hospital, I know how that is with a kidney infection, same happened to me a few years back and it's no fun Sad Take it easy and hope you recover quick!

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Oh my goodness! I hope you a quick and easy recovery and that everything with baby continues perfect. Are they going to do an u/s?

Keeping you in my thoughts!

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Holy! I'm glad you and the baby are okay! Take good care of yourself, and rest up well.

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oh, that sucks! sorry to hear that you are in the hospital! a kidney infection sounds awfully painful. i hope you and the bean are both feeling better soon.

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Oh no! I'm sorry that this is happening to you. I hope that you have a speedy and easy recovery and that everything is fine with the baby. KUP

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No U/S. Doesn't bother me too much. I know if I'm not bleeding baby is probably fine especially since I have no out of the ordinary cramping. I think I would worry more if the did an U/S and couldn't find a heart beat then just let things continue the way they are and if I start bleeding then I will cross that road if I get there. I feel the little bean is fine though. My DH and I have this running joke about me having an Iron Uterus so we are hoping the same holds true this time. With my first baby I was induced and when baby went into distress the stopped the pitocin and all my contractions all but stopped with it. My second I went hunting, walking and hiking a ton, and then fell down a flight of stairs at 32 weeks pregnant and still went to 39 weeks 2 days with him. So yeah Iron Uterus. Wink Gotta keep the good thoughts right?

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ohh I hope you feel better soon :bigarmhug: It's a good thing you went to the hospital.

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"SlackerMom" wrote:

oh, that sucks! sorry to hear that you are in the hospital! a kidney infection sounds awfully painful. i hope you and the bean are both feeling better soon.

You know, I've had a completely un-medicated birth and also induced with a half working epi, and neither one of those labors and deliveries come close to the pain I had with this stupid kidney infection. At it's worst on the scale from 1-10 it was a 10. But averaged out at about an 8 or 9. I wouldn't wish a kidney infection on anyone. Even my worst enemy. No one should have to go through this sort of pain.


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I am so sorry you have an infection :bigarmhug: On the other hand I am so glad you're in there getting it treated! The body will do amazing things to protect the little one Smile Keep us posted! I'll be thinking of you xoxo

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Geesh I'm sorry you're dealing with that kind of pain Sad

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Ah man, that sucks! I hope you get relief soon and are on the mend in no time. KUP on how you are doing.