Hospital Goodies?

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Hospital Goodies?

So did anyone get any hospital goodies? Our hospital has changed a lot of things since I had my last son! They used to give you all these freebies which was nice! But not anymore! You can take whatever is in the bassinet when you leave, but they used to give you a diaper bag filled with samples and other things.

The nicu did give us 12 ready to feed bottles of the formula Carolina is on, that was nice of them they are really good for nighttime feedings. I am having a hard time finding the enfamil a.r. in ready to feed in my area.

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I've never really gotten much from the hospital--a baby shirt and hat (2 hats with ds2--they had some cute leftover hats from the 4th of july when he was born that were nicer than the normal ones), a water bottle and whatever leftover shampoo samples, diapers, etc in the room. My MIL said when her kids were born, they got SO much stuff--including diaper bags, pacifiers, bottles, samples etc.

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We received a shopping bad full of stuff; 12 ready to feed bottles and nipples, huggies diapers, 1 can of power formula, a tee shirt adverting the hospital for the baby, a tote bag, a cooler, and countless coupons. The nurses did say in about a month they were no loger going to be suppling formula and if parents wanted their babies to have formula they were going to be required to bring it to the hospital themselves. We lucked out!

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We got a cooler lunch bag for storing breastmilk, an extra 20 pack of diapers, extra pack of wipes. I got a nipple shield for breastfeeding and a set of hydrogels for sore boobs. The hospital I was at is a certified breastfeeding hospital so they can't give out diaper bags from formula companies with samples but I got 2 of them from the pediatrician- similac and gerber along with enfamil samples. I am using the Enfamil newborn when I supplement now but will switch to similac when that runs out.

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I got a swaddle me outfit with the hospitals name on it, about 12 size 1 diapers, 4 tubes of vasaline to use in his diapers because of the circumsision, a sucker bulb, 8 ready to feed bottles of formula, with the disposable nipples to use with them, some eucerin in case he gets dry skin, two pacifiers, and for me I got a care package that has soaps and lotions in it that says pamper yourself on it. I would have gotten even more stuff, but I forgot to hand a card to the nurses that would have gotten me the enfamil welcome bag with all the enfamil freebie stuff in it. I have been having to supplement one bottle in the middle of the night until my supply can keep up with Daniel, so the formula freebies would have been nice.

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Those enfamil carry all bags look nice! Smile I signed up for enfamil but I never got anything, i hope to get some coupons from them soon! Carolina is on the enfamil a.r. ready to feed. She refuses to take powder! Similac and Gerber good start sent me a lot of coupons!