How To Avoid Gaining Too Much?

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How To Avoid Gaining Too Much?

This is my third go round...and with my past two pregnancies I gained 75 lbs and 65 lbs respectively. :eek: This time I REALLY want to stay within the healthy weight gain range (I think 25 to 30 lbs?) My problem with the first pregnancy was that I went a bit crazy, ie, "I am pregnant and I can eat whatever I want!" And with the second I was SO sick the first trimester that I only wanted to eat carbs - muffins, bagels, etc. I ended up gaining about 14 pounds in the first tri alone! Unfortunately carbs were the only things that made my nausea bearable.

Thankfully I was able to lose the weight after both pregnancies but it was a struggle and a challenge. I just want to avoid the same pitfalls...and hopefully find something other than carbs to avoid the sickness :puke2:

Any suggestions? What has your experience been with your past pregnancies (assuming this is not your first time!). Smile

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This article is super interesting. I haven't done it myself but it certainly sounds like it might help Smile I gained 50 with my first and I'm hoping to avoid that this time. It was hell to take off. Fortunately, I'm starting 10lbs lighter than I was when I got pregnant last time. Hope that helps a bit Smile

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I have to follow a gestational diabetes diet, which I am hoping will keep me from gaining an unhealthy amount of weight. I started it in my second trimester last time, and I still only gained 21 lbs. This time my dr had me start it right away. It's basically a routine where I eat 5-6 meals a day, making sure to balance my carbs so I don't get too many carbs in one sitting, and making sure to get plenty of protein. According to my dr that's how we all should be eating anyway - I just have to be extra careful about it because of my gestational diabetes. If you want more info about the types of things that I eat, let me know.

I am also using a website called BabyFit to track my food intake. Mostly I use it to help me figure out my carbs and protein, but it also gives you a calorie range to stay within, and you can ask it to help you with meal planning. I recommend it.

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You only need an extra 300 calories for baby so don't go overboard. I choose healthy foods (fruit, veggies, protein, some carbs). Since this is the first tri, I am not focused on getting in any extra calories. I just am eating normal (what I can with morning sickness). I gained 27ish?? can't remember lbs with Nicholas and hope to gain even less (25 max) this time around.

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That's amazing about the beans. I was wondering when my morning sickness would start. I eat a ton of beans though, so maybe I've been able to avoid it? Or maybe it's still just too early. Don't remember when it started last time.

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I had gestational diabetes also with my previous pregnancy, so I'll be eating like I did then with a lot of protien and watching carbs, I love my carbs too so for me it's a challenge. I'm also pre-diabetic and just found that out a few months ago so I definitely have to watch it. With my son I gained 20 pounds so hopefully it'll be around that or maybe even less since I'm overweight to begin with.

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I have the opposite problem. I lost 40lbs with DS, while eating 3000cal/day. I am diabetic and my doctor had me increase my calories and decrease my meds trying to get me to month I gained 1 pound and lost 9 the next month Smile

With Robbie I craved fresh fruit and tossed salad with no salad dressing, anything sweet (chocolate etc) was way too sweet for me.

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I gained 65 with DS#1, 25 with DS#2 and #3, and 35 with DS#4.

I would LOVE to gain less this time around. Love the link about beans! I really love to eat beans so that's no issue for me, however I don't have any real m/s right now so oh well.

I hope I continue to crave veggies and have no flavor for dessert. I've lost a few pounds so I'm happy about that so far.

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Wow! Thanks for the article about the beans. I will definitely be trying that this time around. I will try anything if I am as nauseous this time around as I was with #2. Smile

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For me, I have to stay away from bad carbs (refined, white etc) and sugars. If I do that I'm fine.

Fat doesn't seem to cause me to gain weight. It's the carbs. So I eat lots of meat, and veggies and fruits. I love to eat soups, especially those with beans. I eat little amounts of brown rice, whole whet pasta, and other good carbs.

And some of us just gain more. How much do you lose each pregnancy?

I gained 60 lbs with me first (over ate, and I was generally unhealthy).

The other 5 I gained 35 - 45 lbs and lost that all in 6 weeks (or less). I was overweight for most of these so according to the Doctors I should have only gained 15... but my body needs weight for pregnnacy. As soon as I become pregnant my body puts on 5 lbs without any diet changes. Weird, I know.. but we are all differnt.

Eating only good carbs and low sugars will also make a healthier baby.

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