I decided to tell

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I decided to tell

Since I have had my first u/s and seen the heartbeat and all looked healthy I decided to tell more people and shared on Facebook. I know anything can happen still but after seeing that heartbeat I couldn't keep the secret anymore lol!

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Yayyyy you are out of the "closet"!

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YAY! How exciting!!!

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Awesome! I haven't decided if I'll tell after seeing a heartbeat, or just wait until the first tri is over...knowing me and DH and our big mouths...probably sooner rather than later, lol! Wink

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"JuneorJulyBaby?" wrote:

Yayyyy you are out of the "closet"!

Yay!!!! Freedom!

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I'm surprised I made it this long lol, all our close friends and family knew a few weeks ago and DH surprised me too by keeping quiet this long he's usually the blabber mouth haha!

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Congrats on coming out! It was so nice to get it out on FB! I was always really tempted when I was on there. Like, ugh, I just need to tell everyone!! YAY!!!

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Yay! Such a good feeling to know you are not having to be careful anymore! I still have several more weeks before I think we'll tell anyone, I just can't bring myself to do it. One of my friends actually asked "how things are going on the baby front" yesterday and I just kinda said "oh, we'll see" and dropped it at that. She knew about my last 2 m/c but not until after they happened because we hadn't shared yet. I felt so bad! But I'm just not ready to let anyone know yet--I guess trying to protect myself emotionally. BUT....I can't WAIT to let people know when I feel good about it!