I feel like I'm playing slots

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I feel like I'm playing slots

Does anyone else feel like we're playing slots here? I mean we have symptoms, feel that its our month, cross our fingers and pull the little handle (ie POAS). If we're lucky we get that coveted BFP. Unlucky? Yuppers, BFN. Its an addiction. OPKs and HPTs. We have our own alphabet soup of acronyms that leave the poor newbies lost and looking for a translator like a tourist in a foreign country. But slowly, we, the hearty, hopeful enablers, ensnare them into our craziness. Afterall, isn't the definition of lunacy when you keep doing the same thing over and over, and each time you expect a different result. The upshot to that is that Mother Nature has added that unknown element into the equation leaving us to say, "Yes, its my time. This is my month." And we pull the levers again.

Sorry, but I'm in a wierd mood today and a little quirky. I couldn't help it this AM. I POAS. Still BFN, but knew that today was the earliest I could truly and justifiably test, and while I crossed my fingers, I didn't really expect anything. Oh well, I've got 4 more tests and a Target down the road if I run out. With dd (hey, there's another acronym.Hehe) I didn't know I could test early so I waited till I was past even the longest of my wierd cycles. Then it was nearly instant because I was like 5 weeks or so. I guess it really is amazing how much trouble we can get into with just a little knowledge.

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ROFL You are hilarious!!!!

And yes, addicted is the right word and slots to POAS so perfect! You pee on it and then just pray, pray, pray until you see a line or the time limit is up.

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This is the other end of the Humpdy-Dumpty spectrum. Some couples "pull and pray," we "pee and pray."