I found it!!! Vid included

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I found it!!! Vid included

I finally found babys hb last night. I had some time to myself so i decided to go ahead and take the time out and get it. Baby is down very low and in the left side Smile Based on where I feel the hb is also where I have been feeling flutters so im guessing its baby Smile I uploaded a vid of it, i LOVE the sound..

Let me know if this one works

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How awesome! TFS!!! Lovely little beats!

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it took me a while to find mine too. There are so many sounds down there. But once u get it, its addicting!!! haha so glad u were able to find it :D:D:D

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Aww that is soo cool! I might have to buy one of those now Sad

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YAY! You know I've been able to hear my LO's heartbeat since I was 8 weeks, but there are days where I cannot find it no matter how many times I try! It's disheartening really. I used to totally kind of freak out, but now I know sometimes baby is just hiding in there.

At 13 weeks it's no easier for me to find than it was at 8!

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Awww thanks for sharing.. yay for lil heartbeats Smile

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That's great! I hate how hard it is to find at times but when you do its so worth it.

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how cool! i have my first two's on tape too, got video of it today but it's not super clear. i think i will take video next time too. the sound is sooo awesome!