I Heard It!!!

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I Heard It!!!

So, after much deliberation I decided to pull out my Doppler to TRY to hear dingy's heartbeat.

And I found it!!! It took near forever!! But I found it. I also got to hear the placenta! That sound is just awesome to me. And the heartbeat... :cloudnine:

So ready for my u/s!!

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Yay!!! That's so exciting!!!!! I wish I had a Doppler! That would be so amazing

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Yaaay! Congrats! I know I will probably rent one again but not for several weeks yet.. I don't want to freak myself out.

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I tried early on and it was a no go. I'm not sure why it didn't freak me out, though I have been uber nervous so maybe it did freak me out more than I know!

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How exciting!!!! Smile I can't wait for your u/s!!!!!!

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:lurk: Yay, it's such an amazing sound to hear!!!

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OMG Christina!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations Smile :) Smile :) That is amazing!

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Hooray for a heartbeat!!! What a great sound. Smile

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That's great!

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Awesome news Christina!! It makes me want to run out & get a doppler......

I'm so excited for you to get your u/s in a few!

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YAY ! I am so tempted to pull my doppler out and to try it this weekend. Wink

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that is awesome!!!! how fun

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It's the greatest sound in the world!