I made a choice about birth control!

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I made a choice about birth control!

Well my ob office called today to set up my tubal. When I left the hospital my dr said at 8weeks pp she would do my tubal and fix my hernia if need be. I said alright sounds good! She said no sex until after lol!

But when they called today I said NO! I said I would call next week and let them know what I want to do.

My ob called about 10 minutes later and asked what I was thinking Smile

I told her that I decided I wanted to get the IUD just to make sure we were done for sure. I don't want to do anything like a tubal and change my mind. She understood and I will get the iud in 6 weeks.

I told my hubby and he was happy with that. We will keep it 5 years and if we change our mind at any time I will go ahead with the tubal.

We always wanted 6, but right now I am over the moon with the 5 I have and can't wait to enjoy Carolina as she grows. Maybe there will be a 6th maybe not! But I happy with this for now!

Thanks for reading Smile

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I think that's a great idea. We're expecting #3 soon and I've always wanted 4 kids but DH isn't totally convinced. He still talks off and on about a possibility of another in the far future. After this next one is born, he was planning on getting snipped but I don't think he's going to because we both want to be sure we're done for sure.

For now, I know I want to leave the door open for another. Smile