i may be joining u ladies!

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i may be joining u ladies!

Just took two tests and both were positive! This will be my second baby. Not planned but happy Smile so hello!

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Congrats and welcome!!! HH9M! Yahoo

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Welcome!!! Congrats!!! HH9M!!!! The ones that aren't planned are the best!!! Smile I found out less than 8weeks having baby #3 I was preggo with baby #4

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yay congrats!

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Congrats! This baby was a happy surprise for us as well! Smile

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Congrats Shelley!! Smile

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Congratulations and welcome! :party:

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Congrats!! Welcome!!

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Congratulations!!! We have a happy oops on the way too! Welcome and HH9M to you!

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congrats! what a great surprise HH9M!

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Thanks everyone! Its so nice to have such positive people to talk to! At first DH and I were nervous and kinda scared because of finances mostly but I am actually starting to get excited now! DS was planned but this one will be loved just as much. We are hoping for a DD this time though! fingers crossed!:)

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Congrats and welcome!!!!

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Congrats & welcome Shelley!

Us too are having a surprise LO & are definitely worried about finances & our living situation.

I don't think you guys are alone when it comes to the worry! We all somehow make do Smile