I Want This Baby OUT! (Warning - rant involved)

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I Want This Baby OUT! (Warning - rant involved)

I know, I know...my due date is not technically until Saturday (the 28th) but I am SOOOO miserable. I have thought each day for the past week was going to be "the day". Contractions, cervical pain, bowel issues, nausea...I have it all - EXCEPT regular and intensifying contractions. It is so darn frustrating being this uncomfortable and having to take care of 2 other kids! I have tried everything including spicy food, walking, pineapple, mango, more walking, more pineapple and more mango. I have NOT tried sex yet b/c the thought just makes me hurt more but I am starting to get really desperate so I might have to go there soon. Blum 3

I had a membrane sweep done on monday. This worked to get my daughter out within 24 hours so I thought for SURE it would work with this one. Nope. Nothing. Nada....except increased discomfort and cervical pain! The doc checked me and I had gone from 1cm at my previous appointment to almost 3 cm and 50% effaced. She was able to stretch me to a 4. I am going in again on friday for another sweep and Im going to ask her to be a bit more aggressive with it! Wink After that I dont really have any appointments until my induction which is set for Feb 6th. I really dont want to be induced. This baby boy is stubborn. My other two were early birds coming at exactly 39 and 38 weeks respectfully. This is the longest I have ever been pregnant. I cant imagine why this baby wants to stay inside. He has NO room left. My belly is SO tight and his movements are so slow because he has no where to move to! LOL!

OK, I am done with my rant. If you have made it this far thank you for listening! And a HUGE congrats to all of you ladies who have your little ones in your arms right now. I am desperate to be right there with you!

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Sending HUGE hugs, I am sorry baby has not come yet and I hope she does soon! I had the sweep done twice and it didn't work for me, just help me dilate more.

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What about just some nipple stimulation?? It's not full blown sex, but I have been told that nipple stimulation can help things move along Smile

Good luck!

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I hope your baby comes soon! Sending you labor vibes!