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June 2 is my first

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Thats not too too far away, ive seen some ladies that dont get to go til the end of June Smile Hopefully it will get here before you know it.

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My appt. isn't until the first...and I am completely impatient, too! I just got finished teaching for the year, so I want my summer to go by slowly, but I want the first to hurry up and get here. I'll be 9 weeks by then, and I know I could have gotten in a week earlier if they had had openings. I keep thinking about calling again to check for a cancellation.

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My first appointment probably wont be till the first of July so you are lucky!

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That's not too far away!!!! You can make it Smile It's a long road enjoy the ride.

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i need to learn patience. Ive just been so moody lately and patience hasnt really been a priority

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June 14th, and I'm dying!

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