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Interesting day

I had my 6 month dental exam/cleaning first thing this morning. Dh went to work late so he could stay with the kids. So I go in and they get going on the cleaning. At first I'm ok, although my hips and lower back hurt from laying on my back, so I keep shifting a little to try to stay comfortable. Then, suddenly while my hygienist is almost done with the gritty polish part--I start feeling very queasy, light-headed, dizzy and I just know I'm going to pass out! So I hope I can last--as she's almost done, and just kinda rinsing when I tell her I have to sit up. I literally feel the color drain from my face and my face feels really cold as she's sitting the chair back up. And then I just lost it--fainted right there in the dentist chair! I guess I was only out maybe 30 seconds and then I felt myself coming back--but it was freaky! It was only the 2nd time in my life fainting (once after giving blood after not eating/drinking much beforehand)

Let me tell you, fainting is a great way to give your hygienist a serious heart check! LOL She was freaked out. When I came to, she brought me some water and I began feeling better. She said they wouldn't lay me back again--the dentist would take a peek at my teeth while sitting up! You think? ROFL

Then a few hours later I had my 36 week visit and relayed the incident to my OB who wasn't concerned. I knew when it happened that it was a horrible position to be in--feet above my head, on my back where I had very restricted airflow. But baby sounded good and was head down again--he had moved transverse over the weekend, I'm pretty positive. And since he was down, but a little off to the side I thought he was at (his head was on my right side, now its down, but still on the right) it really confirmed my belief that he was completely sideways. My dr did not do a cervical check, though she did leave it up to me. I figured I didn't want to know because at this point it could mean nothing. She will want to do one in 2 weeks though.

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Scary for your hygienist and you!! Glad to hear Dr has no concerns- Good to hear he is head down.

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Same thing happened to me awhile ago. Except the hygenist, and two of the dentists were there when I woke up. They gave me oxygen, monitored my blood pressure for 10 minutes, make me eat a kit kat bar and drink gatorade. And even after all of that they still made me call someone to come pick me up. LOL My OB wasn't too concerned about it, but they did have me change my diet to include more protein as a precaution. (It was my second time fainting this pregnancy alone)

That's great that he's head down!