Introducing our newest family member...

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Introducing our newest family member...

This is Michi Smile Dh and the boys went camping on a father/son camp on friday night and on the way home on Saturday, passed a feed store with a sign for "kittens" Smile He picked up this baby--8 weeks old (as of last sat) and is the sweetest little girl! My kids just LOVE her! (I love her too!) She has the sweetest little mew and is really patient with the kids dragging her all over the place. Even lets dd carry her around in her dress, she holds the hem of her skirt and makes a little hammock for Michi and just carries her around LOL

I haven't had a kitten since I got my cat as a teenager--i left for college and my mom kept her for me. She still has her, though she is old! So it is fun to have a playful little kitty again. I have to say, the BEST time to get a new pet though is the first week of summer vacation, when the kids have the whole summer to play with the new baby animal and get it really socialized to your family--greatest toy they have had in a while and Michi is soaking up all the attention!

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Soooooo cute!

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what a cute kitty!!!!

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Love the kitty and her name! I want a new cat so badly. I read the shelter cat lists and try to convince DH. We have one 6 year-old cat, Cleo. Last August, we lost her littermate Maddie (got outside and never came home). I have been wanting to get Cleo a buddy since DH and I both work. I heard female cats do well with male cats since the females form the hierarchy and the males could care less (sound familiar ladies?). I want an adult male who is good with cats and kids. Maybe I will start working on DH again...

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I forgot to mention her name means "little" in Guarani--an indigenous language in Argentina/Paraguay and is pronounced ME-chee Smile My dh lived there a few years and many people would call a kitty by saying "michi, michi, michi" He at first thought it was the name for cat until he looked it up in his guarani to spanish dictionary. But he always thought it would be a cool name for a cat.

Sorry you lost your kitty Nicole Sad This cat will be an indoor/outdoor kitty, but she in inside--going outside only when observed until she is bigger and can fend for herself more. The picture of her is on our deck. Smile She loves it there, and will go down the deck stairs by herself, but won't leave the cement pad at the bottom--she seems to not like the grass, and is a bit afraid of our bunny (in my siggy pic) who lives in an outdoor hutch just next to the cement pad.

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So cute!!! Lol, if DH and I didn't already have 2 cats and a dog, I'd love to get another kitten...we promised each other our next child would be a human though! Wink

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How cute!!

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Your kitty is so cute. I would love to adopt more but I think we have reached our limit with 2 cats. No more room for extra litter boxes Sad

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Awww how adorable, I love kittens!

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aaaaaaaaaaw so cute ! I love kittens. Seems like ages ago since my cats were that small. Wink