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Hi Ladies, Im Lisa. Figured I would start posting here. Im in my 2ww and me and my hubby have been TTC for just a couple months. Figured i may as well start posting and getting to know people Biggrin Really hoping this month is it. Signs are a little promising but i dont want to get my hopes up. I have been extremely tired the past could weeks along with getting nauseous about 80% of the time after i eat, def not fun. May just be my body playing tricks on me but we will see. I am supposed to start AF on the 30th so if not I will test a could days after Biggrin I looks forward to keeping in touch and cant wait to start seeing BFPs

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Welcome to January!!! Glad you decided to post, the ladies here are so awesome! Hope this is your month Smile

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Good luck! I hope this is your month Smile