It's Feb 1st! Did everyone have their baby? How are you? UPDATES

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It's Feb 1st! Did everyone have their baby? How are you? UPDATES

Ok here in Ohio it is Feb 1st! Did you have your baby? How are you feeling? How is your new LO? UPDATES!!

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There is no sleep going on in this house for me! Carolina has a lot of gas and is fussy and might have reflux. But she is a joy to us and I love her so much! The kids love her so much always wanting to help and maybe too much!

I am feeling pretty good, my back is still very sore and the bad bruises are finally going away. I have been feeling some anxiety lately and I'm not sure why, I don't think it's depression because it's not that I have bad thoughts about the baby or cry all the time, it's more I am worried something is going to happen to her and I have had some bad dreams. I am going to my ob Friday to talk to her. Im sure it's nothing just me being protective!

I go in 5 weeks to get my IUD in, told hubby no sex at all till after I get it! lol He gave me that sad puppy look oh well!!

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I had my little guy! I'm feeling much better and my c-section recovery was much quicker this time than the first time. Nikolas eats every 2.5 to 3 hours and pretty much goes back to sleep, he's a really good baby and doesn't cry or fuss much at all (knock on wood lol). I have a bit of the "blues" and have been crying a lot, hoping that will subside soon, but am going to talk to my doctor about it for sure.

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We are doing good here. Now that we have the where she sleeps issue resolved we are all getting sleep at night albeit in 3hour spurts. We started "sleep training" her to know between day and night. During the day when she naps she naps with lights and noise. At night feedings and diaper changes are done in the dark with a night light. So far with this method she is awake at times during the day for some hour to 2 hour stretches.

Overall she is a very good baby. If we start to feed her when she "stirs" then she really doesn't cry. We did learn to feed her then change her diapers though. If we changed her diaper before feeding she screams but if after she just whines. lol. I'd rather a whine over a scream any day.

I'm preparing to go back to work on the 6th. Hubby will be home with her for 2 weeks and then she goes to Grandma and Grandpa's.

While she is doing great I woke up with a horrible knot in my back that I have to go get worked out. I can't turn my head lift my arm or even hold my baby girl. It really stinks. Hoping it only takes one good session.

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We are doing pretty good here. Daniel goes in for his 2 week appointment tomorrow, so hopefully he is back up to birth weight.

I was supplementing one bottle a day to keep up with his appetite, but now that my supply has gone up and he is getting enough from breastfeeding he has started rejecting bottles. I was really hoping to avoid this issue this time around. My first would never take a bottle, and I ended up weaning at 3 months so that we could start going out without the baby. Once all she was offered was bottle, then she started taking it. I have to leave both kids with my hubby on the 6th so that I can go downtown for an unemployment meeting, and hopefully he doesn't get hungry while I am gone. If I can get him to consistently take bottles then I will continue breastfeeding until July (we have a week long vacation planned for august) instead of stopping at 3 months.

Other than that Daniel is sleeping really well at night, but he doesn't really want to nap well during the day. He is tired, and when you are holding him he falls asleep, but as soon as you put him down he wakes up. I haven't had much time to get things done around the house, or to even make dinner, so hopefully he learns to nap in his pack n play soon.

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Doing okay here. Lukus has his 2 week check up today with the dr. We will probably have him circed as well. We are having a rough time with crying. We aren't exactly sure what's going on but I am thinking it is reflux as both my other boys had it and it seems to be the same symptoms as my other two boys. He is also showing signs that he might be lactose in tolerant so I am trying really hard to be good and avoid dairy. We are running on a couple hours of sleep each night with the occasional night that we get 4 straight hours, but those don't happen so often. Lukus is up screaming most of the night from his tummy hurting. I will be talking to the dr about this and see if we can get him on some meds to help his tummy and I am thinking of taking him to a chiropractor to get him adjusted to see if that will help, we have one here close that adjusts babies up to a year old for free.

I just really want my little boy to feel better. I hate seeing him scream and cry and there's not really anything I can do. Lavender oil on his tummy does seem to help him relax but his tummy is still bothering him. When his tummy is calm he's the most chill boy ever. Seriously, a lot calmer then my other two boys were.

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Hang in there ladies!

We are doing great! Emily is pretty much following the EASY routine and sleeps great at night in bed with me. She will give me 5-6 hrs at first then another 3 before being awake for the day. She won't sleep in the crib though. She is bfing great and is so pretty! I think she is around 9.5lbs now.

I am loving my maternity vacation but it ends feb 20th Sad DH is staying at home with the kids that makes me feel at ease that we don't have to do daycare. DS is in church preschool 2 days/week from 9-12 and loves it. I am on zoloft for ppd and doing great. I feel normal!

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We're doing just great! James is only a week and a day old, but so far he is SO much easier than Nathan was. I'm a better mom too though, so I'm sure that is helping things seem so easy. He is such a sweet happy baby. He seems to be a bit gassy, but so far we're dealing with it just fine. He responds quickly to the same things I did to relieve Nathan's gas. No sign of colic yet, but it's still very early.

Nursing is going really well. James doesn't like to open his mouth wide so there is some issue with that, but he is a very FAST nurser. He finishes one side in 3-5 minutes flat! I try to get him to go to 8 minutes...but it's tough. I hope he's getting enough and that his weight will be back up at next week's checkup.

Baby seems to sleep pretty well. He has a good deal of happy awake time which surprises me. He'll stay awake for almost 2 hour stretches and then want to sleep for 5 hrs. Of course I don't let him, but I really think he'd just keep sleeping if I let him. At night he gives us two really good 3-4 hour stretches of sleep! I never thought I'd be this well rested with a newborn in the house. Here's hoping it keeps up. During the day, he pretty much naps in my or someone else's arms. I haven't tried putting him in the co-sleeper for naps yet...but he sleeps in the co-sleeper at night very well. I seriously hold this baby about 90% of the day. I'm not ready to put him down yet....he's just so cozy!

The big brother Nathan is doing great with the transition. He loves his little brother; he gives lots of hugs and kisses and laughs hysterically at all the silly newborn faces James makes. He's been a big help getting things for me and always tries to listen when we ask him to be a little quieter when we don't want baby to wake up just yet. There doesn't seem to be much jealousy yet and I'm trying really hard to cuddle with Nathan almost as much as I did before baby came.

Honestly, it's all going so much better than I had expected. I didn't really enjoy Nathan's newborn stage much and I figured it would be the same this time...but I'm just having so much fun this time around. I feel such a bond with James already and right now don't have a trace of baby blues. I feel so blessed and happy and in love with everyone around me. Life is good.

On the other we go for James' first visit with the orthopedic surgeon to evaluate and perhaps have the first casting for the club foot. We'll find out today if he needs one or two casts. I'm not looking forward to the casting as I read that it can be very traumatic the first time. I expect the first week to be tough. I hope my cheerful baby can maintain his cheery disposition despite the discomfort and reduced mobility that comes with the casts.

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Had my girl Jan 23 Was induced again. But it only took 41/2 hours compared to my sons 10! Epi worked this time and only took two pushes this time! Recovery was way easier too! Baby is doing well I am healed and all back to normal. my husband just started truck driving so I am home alone with the kids a lot so I'm busy. Went back to work this week which was actually kind of nice. Everyones babies are adorable! I will try to post pics when I have a moment when both kids aren't bothering me! lol