IT's a little sad this place is dead :(

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IT's a little sad this place is dead :(

Smile I hope everyone is doing great! It's sad the board is so dead now! I am sure we are all just busy busy!

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Yep I guess everyone is busy with baby lol. Mine is hanging out in her swing right now after a feeding. I finally had my baby shower yesterday so I busy with that! My hairdresser called it a sip and see. When you have a baby shower with the baby already here you sip wine and see the baby lol. We didn't have wine just soda but it was really nice to see more of my friends from work and I got even more cute clothes for her and a few things that I still can use since my mom will watch her whenever I am able to return to work. She's still having a number of issues so I won't be going back even though my 12 weeks is really over. I have to take care of my child before I am able to take care of patients. She comes first.

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I'm here! Wow! I haven't been on here in SOOOO long. Sad I just started back to work. Before that I was only on here on my phone & it was just such a pain to post.

Hope everyone is doing great Smile

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Hi everyone Wink

I hope all is well Wink

Try our group name 2012 on faceebook. That's where I heard some have gone Wink

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I've been so busy with my 3 little ones. I don't have much time to post. I hope everyone is doing well. Smile