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Joining a Team

Had the anatomy scan today- Looks like I am joining Team PINK !

My dd of course of thrilled to bits, my ds cried and said he didn't want any girls they are mean lol I am sure he will get used to it by the time she arrives. He has already told his big sister that she cannot put any make up on the baby

Now we can think names and finally buy stuff for our little girl!

I will have to scan pictures later- She is in the 43%0 right where she should be, approx 15oz by the measurements. Everything looked great so far- confirm that with my OBGYN on thursday HB was 144. she was cuddled up on my ride side in a frank breech position - her feet right up by her head lol BUt she got what she needed for measurements.

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Congratulations on your Girl!

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Congrats! My dd will not be happy if we find out the baby is a boy--but funny thing, is, ds1 wants a girl too--he wants it "even", boy/girl/boy/girl. Smile So I hope for both their sakes we have a girl! LOL How old are your son and daughter?

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Congrats on a healthy baby girl! I'm sure DS will love her despite the fact she's mean. Wink

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Congrats on your baby girl!!!!!!!!!!!

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Congrats !! Very happy to read that all went well Smile

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Congrats on your girl and glad everything looks great!!

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Congratulations on your healthy little girl!! Smile

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Congrats on your girl!

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Congratulations to you & your family. I'm sure your boy will come around. Both my girls wanted a brother & this is a girl. They don't even mention it anymore & it's only been a few weeks.

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congrats on your Girl!!! Smile

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Congrats Shannon ! Biggrin

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Thanks everyone for the Congrats!

Holly- my dd is 12 -13 in October and DS is 7. So of dd is thrilled- already talking about little dresses and tutus lol

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Congrats on the little girl Smile

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Congrats on your girl....and my condolences to your son. LOL