Joshua's birth story + pics

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Joshua's birth story + pics

Joshua David Randy
Born: January 10th, 2012
Time: 14:08
Weight: 8 lbs 9 ounces

I called my OB's office on Monday morning to make an appointment to see her. The receptionist said that she would talk to her and call me back because she suspected that she would want to see me as soon as possible since I was now 41 weeks along. She called me back shortly after and said that my OB wanted to see me right away that afternoon. When I got to the appointment she checked me and there was no change from the last check she had done at 39 weeks. I was still 2 cm and 70% effaced. She said that she was going to do a membrane sweep and that she was going to put me on the list to be induced. She said that since I was a VBAC patient, the induction would not be quite like a regular induction. They would first start by breaking my water and then wait and see how I progressed. If things didn't get going, she said that I would have the option of either trying the oxytocin drip or just go for a repeat c-section. I was surprised to hear her mention the option of being induced with oxytocin since she had stated at one of my first appointments that she didn't induce VBAC patients, but she said that they would administer the oxytocin very slowly and in very small doses. She did remind me that using oxytocin did up my risk of a uterine rupture a little, but said that we could discuss that if and when we reached that point. She did the membrane sweep which was slightly uncomfortable but not too bad, and said that the hospital would be calling me within the next couple of days for the induction. I went home feeling anxious and nervous. I really wanted a natural VBAC and didn't want to have to be induced but at the same time, I really didn't want a repeat c-section either. I just prayed and hoped that the sweep would work and that I would not even have to decide between an induction or a repeat c-section.

The rest of the afternoon and evening brought along nothing new, so I went to bed hopeful that maybe something would happen the next day. I woke up at around 2:30 am feeling absolutely no different and I started to feel a little discouraged. It had been 10 hrs since the sweep and I was getting antsy that there was still nothing happening. I decided to go back to bed and pray. I was tired of fretting and getting stressed out over the whole thing. It was time to leave it in God's hands and to trust that He would work everything out perfectly in His time. After praying I felt immense peace and knew in my heart that everything would work out. I still couldn't sleep so I got up and decided to sit on my birth ball and watch a little t.v. While on my birth ball I rocked gently back and forth and side to side and felt a few contractions. Nothing too intense, but definitely enough for me to notice. Around 4:30 am I got up to go to the bathroom and felt this intense pressure. When I wiped there was a whole bunch of blood tinged mucus on the paper. I started to get really excited that finally things were happening and decided that I was not going to go back to bed. I didn't want to take the chance of lying down and having everything stop again. So I walked and walked around the house, did some squats, sat on my birth ball some more and had a cup of raspberry leaf tea. Things stayed the same for the next few hrs as I continued to try different things to get labor going. The hospital called at 6:30 am and left a message saying that I could come in that day to be induced. I decided to wait a few hrs before calling them back to see how things would progess naturally. At around 7am I lost my mucus plug. Contractions were still slow and irregular so when Randy and the boys got up, I decided to go lie down for a while. I was feeling pretty tired by this time and wanted to get some rest before active labor set in. While lying down, I kept feeling the contractions, so I decided to get up, take a shower and start timing them.

They were slow and irregular for a while but picked up really fast at around 11:30 am. Suddenly they got really intense and started coming back to back. I got to the phone as quickly as I could and called my Mom. I told her to hurry because things were suddenly progressing very quickly. As soon as I got off the phone I went upstairs to get dressed and to finish packing the last few items that I needed in my hospital bag. Once everything was packed up, I decided to sit down on the couch because I was afraid if I moved my Mom would not arrive in time. While I was sitting on the couch, Randy put my shoes on and brought me my jacket. My Parents arrived in record time and we took off for the hospital. We got to the hospital shortly after 12:30 pm. I couldn't even walk by this point, so Randy had to grab a wheel chair for me. Once we arrived at triage, I was taken in right away. The nurse checked me and I was 6 cm dilated. At that point I just told myself "you can do this. You made it to 6 cm in a short amount of time. You can totally do this !" I just closed my eyes and prayed through each contraction. The nurses kept asking me questions in order to register me, but I just tuned everything out as I focused on each contraction. I was not happy when they made me lie down so they could strap one of those doppler things to my stomach. Thankfully it wasn't for long and I was able to sit up again. I was moved to a room and once again the nurse made me lie down so she could monitor the baby's heart rate. I told her I couldn't lie down because it was so uncomfortable, but she insisted saying that my baby didn't like it when I was sitting up. I knew she was just saying that because it was easier for her when I was lying down. My wonderful OB walked in a few minutes later with a big smile on her face and said "Wow, that sweep sure worked well !". She checked me again and I was now at 8 cm. I told her that I couldn't lie down because it was too uncomfortable. The nurse commented that she couldn't get a good reading on the doppler when I was sitting up. My OB immediately put a clip on the baby's head so they could monitor his heart rate that way and told the nurse to let me sit up.

Once I was sitting up and comfortable, I was able to get my focus back and it wasn't too long before I started to feel the urge to push. The nurse checked me and said that I still had a small lip of cervix left and that I couldn't push just yet. I told her that I couldn't help it. My body was just doing it naturally. My OB walked back in at that point and told me to breathe short quick breaths to stop myself from pushing. One of the nurses placed a small bag of ice on my chest and told me to focus on the ice to distract myself from pushing. I just remember placing my face down on the ice and how good it felt, so I just stayed like that for a couple of contractions until my OB announced that I could now push. It felt like I pushed for 10-15 min, but it was actually only 5 min. He was put on my chest right away. I never got that with my last two. Matty was in distress so they had to take him to the warmer right away to check him out and Daniel was a c-section so the best I got was Randy holding him right beside me. This was AMAZING !!! I couldn't believe the feeling that rushed over me the minute he was put on my chest. It was everything I wanted and more. I just kept saying "it's over" and "I DID IT !" I remember getting loud once as he was coming out, but that's it. The nurses commented afterwards that they couldn't believe how much control I had. It all went so fast that his little face was a little bit bruised when he first came out, but I didn't tear at all so my recovery has been a breeze. I was up and in the shower 1.5 hr after he was born. I couldn't believe how great I felt. It was an absolutely amazing birth. I highly credit the red raspberry leaf tea that I drank daily for the short, easy labor and easy recovery. If God ever chooses to bless us with another child in the future, I can definitely say with 100% certainty that I will be planning another natural birth.

Here are a few more pics of my little sweetie.

Kisses from big brother Daniel

He loves his bouncy seat !

Being loved on by his older Brothers

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love the pics and you are so amazing to do it all natural nathalie!!! congrats again!

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What a great birth story! Thanks so much for sharing.

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Congrats!! Very cute pictures. Thanks for sharing Wink

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Congratulations, what a cutie!

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Congrats on your VBAC! He is gorgeous!

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I am so glad you were able to get the vbac! Great birth story!! He is such a handsome boy! I love his hair!! Congrats again!!!!

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Nathalie! He's so sweet! What a terrific birth story! Congrats on getting the VBAC and for such a great recovery! I love all the pics!

Thanks for sharing!


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Thanks Missy ! Biggrin

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He is seriously ADORABLE! I love his hair!

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"lysa_v" wrote:

He is seriously ADORABLE! I love his hair!

Thank you ! Biggrin