Jumping In!

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Jumping In!

I have been lurking the board since I got my BFP on 05/10. I am Renee (41) DH is David (43) and we are expecting our 2nd! DS David Ralph will be 5 in August. I had my 2nd OB appt on Friday and had a quick ultrasound in the office, all was ok! I have been a nervous wreck so those quick ultrasounds are a relief!
I have been enjoying reading everyone posts and watching everyone get their BFP's! I wish everyone a HH9M's! Looking forward to sharing the time with you!

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Congrats and welcome!!! HH9M! Yahoo

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Welcome and congrats!

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Welcome and congrats!!! Smile

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Hi and congratulations!!!!

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Congrats and welcome!!!! HH9M!!!!

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Congrats ans welcome!