Just made my favorite dinner...

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Just made my favorite dinner...

and then could barely eat it. Blech. I've felt terrible all day. I don't remember this with my other pregnancies. I've been lucky to never, ever have morning sickness, but it looks like my luck ran out this time. Boo.

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I hope you feel better!

I have been having to take zofran for the past 2 weeks...however the past couple days I have reached an even higher level of icky feelings complete with being on the verge of throwing up and just holding it back. I keep telling myself it means the baby is doing ok.

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That really sucks Sad I have such a hard time lately even trying to figure out whats for dinner because nothing sounds good anymore.

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My last pregnancy I had m/s 24-7, it even stayed for 1.5 weeks after my d&c. Nothing so far this time. I already have diclectin as I am diabetic.

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Oh, that really stinks!

I have no appetite, really and nothing really sounds good unless I am REALLY needing to eat. Luckily I am not having any m/s but I feel you on the not wanting to eat...

But your favorite dinner!? Not fair!

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Boooooo! I'm sorry that you are feeling so poorly. But just think, that's a great sign for your healthy pregnancy.

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