Just wanted to share...

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Just wanted to share...

Little Miss Emily has reached viability today!!!! :woohoo:

4 months to go...ugh!

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Yahoo :pinkelephant: :woohoo:

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Yay!!!! I was about to start a thread congratulating myself on my V-Day, but I'm so glad to see that I'm not the only one!

HAPPY V-DAY!!!!! :party:

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awwww Smile

Very happy for ya :sunny:

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Yay happy Viability day to you too Eva!!!!

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Woo-hoo to Angela & Eva!

Jenn & I are on your tails. Smile See you there Sunday.

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Yahoo Congrats to you both! Yahoo

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Yeah!!! Congrats to all who are now at their V-Day!
According to my Dr who moved my date up by 1 day I am also at 24 weeks today or tomorrow whichever date i go by lol Time flew by so far.

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congrats im excited for that also!