L&D friday, and Christmas advice ??

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L&D friday, and Christmas advice ??

OK quick update and I think I could use advice on both of these.

Friday I woke up around 8:00 with a few contractions, they were somewhat painful but more annoying, so I figured they were just BH. Kept on with my day, and between 8-12 I had I would say at least 10-15 contractions of all different lengths so I decided to call the doctors. They didnt call me back until almost 3 and told me to come in, by 3 I had probably only 5 or so more and I let them know that on the phone but they wanted to check the baby anyways. She looked great on the monitors and they weren't worried, then when I was there, I didn't have one contraction which was great but they kept me for about 4 hrs, They checked my cervix and said I was almost completely effaced(not sure% i tend to not ask alot of questions) So I have a follow up appointment tomorrow. I am just kind of embarrassed to go to the app tomorrow because I feel like the triage nurse acted like I faked the entire thing. So my question is, will my doctor treat me better about it? The nurse just seemed so snooty and repeatedly said I just don't know what contractions feel like.. I have labored before so I definately knew what I was feeling. Sad

OK and Christmas advice,

Today my boss brought me an xmas gift, said after the scare on friday she wanted me to have it just incase (was some pretty cute maternity clothes) and a super sweet Christmas card, which I thanked her for. Does this mean I have to get her a gift? And if I get her a gift now, will she think its just because she got me one? I really should have thought to get her something considering she never forgets my birthday or anything.. But then the other thing is, how many bosses get their employee's gifts? I really appreciate everything she does for me because it usually comes at the perfect time and it's something I actually need.. I just don't think I could buy her anything that would be of use to her? Ahh I need advice, thanks in advance!