Last MS Hurrah?

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Last MS Hurrah?

This happened in my last pregnancy at about this time. I've been done with morning sickness for a few weeks....and I never actually get sick when I have morning sickness, just feel queasy all day long.

At about this far along in the pregnancy with Nathan I got sick at work....just one isolated incident....the only time I actually threw up the entire pregnancy. It happened again this morning! What is up with that? I woke up tired but feeling great. Ate a very small breakfast...sat down at the computer to work. Then all of a sudden I started to feel that morning sickness feeling and 10 seconds later had to run to the bathroom.

I'm really hoping that this is an isolated incident like last time. I just don't get it! Why would I get sick now? I manage to keep everything down all through morning sickness...why several weeks after I've had any sign of morning sickness do I all of a sudden throw up?

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Ugh, I hope this is an isolated incident for you!! Hang in there! I hope this is the one and only time you get sick!

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I still have random times where I get super nauseous now. A lot of it is related to smelling something really pungent or hearing about a food that just sounds really nasty to me.

I hope this was one isolated incident for you Amber.

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Sorry Amber. Hopefully this was IT!!

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I hope it is just one incident! I have had MS for 12 straight weeks so I feel for you!

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I feel your pain. I'll go for days feeling just fine, and suddenly, WHAM--I'm puking again. Usually just once, but it's frustrating. I want to wean myself off of my anti-nausea med, but I can't be certain that the m/s is completely gone yet. I have no idea why it's still here, and why it's so inconsistent, though.

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That happened to me last week, too! I thought it was really odd. It had been 3-4 weeks since I had been sick, and out of the blue one morning I had one little incident. Well, since then I have been feeling a bit yucky in the morning but thankfully haven't actually gotten sick again. Hope it is just an isolated incident for you!