Last ob appt today

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Last ob appt today

Well today was my last ob appt! I have been looking forward to having this baby and even though it took 9 months I swear it FLEW BY!

Short and Sweet Smile

4lb loss

Blood Pressue Great


100% Effaced

Head is right there

Baby is still sunnyside up

She couldn't send me to L&D because I wasn't in pain or active labor so basicly if I don't go into labor on my own my induction is set for this Friday the 13th at 6am.

So just a few more days and I am so excited!!

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Sounds like a great appointment, hopefully something starts for you this week, but if not then hopefully the induction does the trick.

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Wow momma. Your almost there.. How exciting;)

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Good luck!! You are so close Smile