Late GD Diagnosis....BOO!

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Late GD Diagnosis....BOO!

So, I finally ended up doing the repeat GD test - I did the one hour and failed it. Then I had the option of taking a 2 hour or the 3 hour (which at this military facility is more like a 3 vs. 4 hour). I opted for the 2 hour...and FAILED. You only have to fail one number versus in the longer one you have to fail 2. I think I might have passed if I had gone with the longer one but it is pure torture to fast until noon! So I got the bad news call yesterday and I am picking up my monitor/strips/etc. today. I have a nutrition appointment on monday followed immediately by an appointment in OB to talk about using the monitor and exactly what I am supposed to do.

I am SO bummed...but it might actually be a blessing in disguise since I have been eating so horribly. Today is my first day of trying to cut down on the carbs and eat less sugar and I am HUNGRY and grumpy. I am eating but I am so used to stuffing myself full of carbohydrates that my body is having a hard time figuring out what is going on!! :confused:

I am not sure what this diagnosis will mean for treatments/visits from here-on-out. They dont want to see me again until the 29th of December - after a few weeks of me following the diet and recording my sugars. At that point I will be one month from my due date anyway - so all in all it does not seem all that different visit-wise. I am a bit concerned about developing diabetes afterwards as it runs in my family...but I have hopes since, generally speaking (when not pg) I watch what I eat and I exercise. I also have a concern for the baby since by my having GD it makes him more prone to type 2 and obesity down the road. *sigh*

I cant remember if anyone else on the board has GD....? Anyone...anyone? Bueller? Bueller? :rolleyes:

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From what I've read protein, protein, and more protein! Hopefully it helps you get over that hungry feeling.

There are a few moms dealing with GD and I know they'll have some great advice for you.

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I am sorry you have gd, and right around Christmas ugh! I think there are 2 other ladies that have it and control it with their diet.

I hope you can control it with your diet. Sending hugs to you!

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Sorry that is a bummer Sad

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Oh man what a bummer! I have GD and had it last pg. too, I'm able to control it with diet but it's harder this time around, I'm doing ok with it though. I'm a huge carb junkie so it's hard to count carbs, but as the days go on it's getting a liitle easier,I have found that protien is really important with the carbs, I eat lots of peanuts, eggs, and cheese. Hopefully you can control it by diet!

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I'm so sorry Sad GD sucks!!! I have it (didn't have it with my first pregnancy) and I am managing with diet.

The hardest part was the first few weeks and adjusting what I was eating. Now that I am in a pattern and have found what has worked for my sugars it isn't so bad. Basically, you have to just make better choices involving carbs. Carbs are still part of your diet, but just in moderation. Also, whole grains like wheat bread are what I have to eat. I had white bread one day at work and it sent my numbers way up. The nutritionist will tell you your carb goals. Mine are

I was devastated when I was diagnosed with GD. I thought I would have to give up everything I eat (I love carbs) but really, it isn't as bad as I thought. Yes I did have to change a few things but I really think it is for the better for me and the baby. And a lot of things that I thought I couldn't eat (ice cream, chips, etc.) I actually NEED to eat before I go to bed to keep my fasting sugars low. For some reason if I eat low carb at night as my bedtime snack my fasting numbers are not where the dr.s want to see them. Last night I had 1 1/2 pieces of pumpkin cheesecake before bed and my fasting sugar this morning was 81! Also, last night for dinner we went out to eat and I ate 1/3 order of cheese french fries but paired it with a steak salad and my sugar 2 hrs later was 97, well within the range of 70-130 that they gave me!

:bigarmhug: feel free to PM me anytime or post here if you have any questions. I had to wait 1.5 weeks to see the dr. after I got my diagnosis and was at such a loss of what to do.

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Thanks is a bummer for sure but I suppose I can look on the bright side and know it is only for about 55 more days. Smile Angela, thank you for the specifics...I was able to get in as soon as tomorrow so I think they will give me the low down then. I REALLY dont look forward to all the finger pricking - my sister is Type 1 and has been since I was 9. I remember all those finger pricks she had to do (and still does). NO FUN and OUCH. I am counting myself lucky that it is just GD and not lifetime diabetes (I hope!).

Off I go to try to figure out what I am supposed to eat this morning...

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My mornings are the hardest. All I want is a bowl of cereal and I end up making egg and cheese sandwiches on 1 piece of wheat toast. It seems to work well. Also you could do peanut butter toast to get the protein and carbs in.

I thought the finger pricking would be bad but the lancet that I have doesn't hurt much at all. Occasionally I will hit a tender spot but I have 3 fingers that I rotate between and it isn't that bad. It doesn't hurt nearly as bad as when they prick your finger in the office because the needle is so small. One thing that has helped for on the go sugar checking is I bought some alcohol pads that are individually wrapped from CVS. I think they were around $3 for a box of 100. That way I can disinfect easier than cotton balls and alcohol on the go.