Looks like I've landed myself here!

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Looks like I've landed myself here!


DH and I were supposed to wait until August to TTC #3, hoping for a May baby.....but, looks like a January baby is in store for us. This was definitely a surprise, but not a complete shock. I knew I had ovulated the day before we DTD, but I thought I wasn't fertile anymore b/c my cervix was closed. My breasts were sore on Friday night, so I tested Saturday morning...and a light line showed up!

I'm very excited, but it's not great timing. I'm still nursing DD, who is 14 months, and I wanted her to be a little bit older and nursing a bit less. And, I didn't want to be preggo in the summer...I wanted to be able to drink cocktails and white wine! Oh well.... Smile There are other ways that it is good timing, though, so I'm focusing on that. There will be plenty of other times to enjoy wine!

Anyways, I'm excited to be here! I think I'm due around January 4th! Woo hoo!

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Wonderful surprise!! Congrats!

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Congrats ! Yahoo

I also didn't expect to find myself here. We were planning on TTC#3 early next year, but here I am. Biggrin

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WHoohooo the positives are just rolling in!! Congrats!!!!:yahoo: You can still have sparkling water with some juice in it. Just put in in a cocktail glass heheeh

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Congrats and HH9Ms!

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Congrats!! HH9M!!!!

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Congrats HH9M!!! Smile

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Congrats and welcome!

Yeah, we were "planning" on trying in June for a spring baby...whoops. At least this way, we can buy birthday presents during the after-Christmas clearance sales, right?

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