Lots to do!

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Lots to do!

So this week is super busy! I spent 6+ hours on saturday sanding the bunk bed we just built for our boys so that saturday night we could put the first coat of stain--don't worry, I wore a respirator mask (dh just go a loopy headache LOL). Then we left the garage open as much as possible yesterday so the warm day and air circulation could dry it out. I got the 2nd coat on today. I had really been hoping to get it polyurethaned tomorrow and the next day, then give it a week to dry so it will be ready for putting together before my IL's arrive on Saturday the 6th. We could use the extra bed space when they come (5 of them).

My mom arrives for a visit this week on wednesday. She and my brother will be here a week and leave next thursday, then 2 days later my IL's arrive for a week of fishing/playing. Its sad, but I look forward to their visit more than my mom's but it will be nice to see her and my brother too--just that I'm actually not as close to them and they don't "do" as much--which might be nice to just sit and relax I guess. Though my mom usually has me help her a ton, getting things for her and doing a lot of "running" for her.

But Thursday is also my ds2's 3rd birthday, so my mom and brother will be in town for that, and on Friday we'll drive 3 hours to visit my sister (the one who just got her kids back) so my mom can meet the baby. Since she has been in foster care since 3 months old, my mom has never met her because my sister couldn't take her to visit my mom (a state away) and my mom doesn't visit much up this way.

Yeah...busy week! I'm spending the next 3 days working on this bed project and getting my house ready for essentially 2 full weeks of house guests! Yikes!

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wow holly, that is quite a crazy 2wks you have coming your way. Just think, it will make the time fly by quicker & soon you will be that much farther along!

sounds like it is going to be enjoyable though. That should be nice! Especially getting to see your sister & her kids!!