Low progesterone

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Low progesterone

So I talked to my OBGYN a couple months ago because my BBT drops around 9 DPO. So we both agreed that I probably have a LP defect. Anyway, she checked my progesterone last month and it came back 1.9! She said it should be above 10 after ovulation. My doctor is starting me on progesterone this month and I will be starting Clomid next cycle as it is too late now to start.

Anyone else have experience good or bad with these meds for a LP defect?

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clomid actually created a low progesterone problem for me in the months after i stopped taking it. i've never heard of anyone taking clomid for an lp defect but i'm also not that worldly in that regard. taking progesterone for an lp defect is really common though. good luck with everything. i hope it works.

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I used progesterone in the past and it worked well for me. I never got my bfp (but that's a very long story and had nothing to do with progesterone), but it did make my lp a bit longer and I very rarely spotted before af when on progesterone. Wishing you all the best! It's worked wonders for so many women!