Making Diapers

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Making Diapers

With adoption being so dog'on expensive we knew we would have to cut costs in some places. One place is diapering. We'll be cloth diapering our baby girl. We decided on the g-diapers. it is a very easy system to use and can also use biodegradable inserts for disposing of.

So to prepare for not spending too much on this system I decided after finding a tutorial online that I would make some of my own cloth inserts. i started making them today (my first sewing project ever). It was pretty easy and goes pretty quickly. Although the sewing doesn't look too pretty but she'll be peeing and pooing on them so it doesn't matter Smile

it is pretty exciting working on these for her.

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That is a great way to cut costs! Have you thought about making your own all in one cloth diapers? I heard they are easy to make and if I could I think I would make them. I have thought about going to cloth diapers.

Good luck with making your own! And your right it doesn't matter what they look like they are used for baby poo and pee Smile

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Lots of ladies on my Jan 2010 BB made their own diapers. I just don't have the confidence yet though I did sew everything in the nursery. Diapers scare me. But we love fitteds so I may just have to work up the confidence.

I love CD'ing!

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My skills are not up to par for sewing whole diapers so I'll just stick to the inserts for the gdiapers.

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I love G Diapers! Wish I could sew! You should check out the great layaway programs most online cloth diaper companies have if you are interested in using a different cloth diaper system or buying more G Pants. Prefolds are very cheap and easy to use too. That is what I'll be using at the newborn stage then switching to G Diapers when he gets big enough for the small.