Maya is here!!!! Updated

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Maya is here!!!! Updated

Maya arrived this morning at 7:54am screaming heart heart out Smile she is absolutely adorable!! Has got a head loaded with dark black hair. She is 5lbs 13oz, 19" long. She was only 2 oz up from her 37 week ultrasound :/ so I'm glad I decided to have her a little early. She got pretty bruised up during the procedure and her face andes are bruised, the nursery sent out for a CBC to check her clotting since she did bruise like she did and that's not really too normal. I should know the results soon and I really hope all is ok with her Sad

While I await results though here's a few cutesy pics of her. Oh and I am doing good, just a little sore.

Tired baby

Update #1
Most of her blood levels came back great there were a couple odd numbers in there so they're going to redraw the blood and go from there. If they come back good then it's just how she was laying in there but if they come back odd again then they'll start her on some antibiotics, there could be an infection. They're going to keep her in special care tonight and monitor her but said she is going to be just fine. I'll know within the next couple hours if she needs antibiotics.

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aaaaaaaw what a beauty ! Congrats Lisa ! I hope everything comes back normal with the test. Please kup. :bigarmhug:

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Congrats--what a sweet little thing! Hope the tests all come out just fine--KUP!

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YAY Congrats! I hope everything is normal on her tests.

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Congrats, congrats!!! She is beautiful! I hope all of her tests come out okay, though...

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Congratulations! I hope that Maya's blood comes back ok.

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Congrats! She's adorable! Hoping all the tests come back normal.

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Second round came back a lot better Biggrin they're going to keep her on special care tonight just for monitoring but she is doing great Smile

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She is beautiful!! Congratulations!!

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*lurker* Congrats on your beautiful baby girl!

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Congrats...beautiful head of hair Smile

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What a cutie Smile I am happy to see the results came back in favor Smile GREAT BIG (hug)

I am getting more and more excited.. many babies coming along Smile

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Cutie!!! Look at all of that hair!!! Congrats momma!

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thats great to hear Lisa!!!

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Congrats!! glad to hear results are good. Enjoy your little maya Smile

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She's still in special care. She had an episode earlier, she was laying on her side and her oxygen levels dropped and she turned blue so they rolled her on her back and she went right back to normal. They think she may have just been laying funny and wound up cutting off her air flow. She is on oxygen monitors and a heart monitor but has done very well all day and no more episodes. Neonatologist came in earlier and they're running a urine test to check for a virus they want to make sure she doesn't have and they ordered a head ultrasound just to cover all the bases since her face was bruised. I should hopefully know all the results by tonight or tomorrow morning. Dr said I can go home tomorrow if I want but if she can't go with me I'm staying the 3rd night, I can't leave her up here. The nurse said as long as she cooperates tonight and things come back normal she should be able to come home w me tomorrow so I hope so.

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Congrats! She's a little doll. Hope everything goes well tonight and you all get to go home tomorrow!

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WTTW Maya!!! Congrats Lisa she is so tiny and cute with all that hair!! I am glad the blood work came back good and I hope you two can come home together!!

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(((HUGS))) Lisa. I am so sorry about all the testing. I hope you get the all clear soon so you can both go home. :bigarmhug: