Maya ... pics included (pic heavy)

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Maya ... pics included (pic heavy)

Maya has been being a little trooper. They did an MRA on her today which is a little more detailed version of the MRI to get a better look at the structure of the blood vessels in her brain to see what can be done. She is on anti seizure meds to make sure she doesn't have any more because it would be dangerous for her. She is still on IV fluids and they haven't let her eat which really kind of annoys me but I understand. I hate watching her try to find food and all she can get is a binki, it breaks my heart Sad She also had an ultrasound of the kidneys and abdomen to look for abnormalities there and that one turned out great so that is good news Smile I hope they will come up with a game plan soon because I really want her home with me. I started pumping last night on the whim, we actually started off bottle feeding her at the first hospital but I figure if shes stuck in there without me the least I can do is take 20 mins every few hours to get her some food. I am getting about a half an oz with each session and the lactician said that is actually great considering I just started last night, she's 3 days old and I was a section. She has a stash building up for whenever they allow her to eat, until then the hospital has it stored away in a freezer for her. I will continue to update when I have time, until then here are some pics of my princess, and a video if it will play.

Bundled up before everything started happening

Mounds of hair

Maya and daddy

She woke up for the first time yesterday after me and daddy held her Smile

my poor baby

All comfy w daddy

IDK if this one works but she had hiccups and I thought it was cute.

You might have to click it...

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Omg I love all of her dark hair!!!

Fwiw, I started pumping 4 days after my section and Got more and more every time I pumped. My milk came in on day 5 and now I am making plenty. I hope your milk comes in soon if it hasn't already.

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I think it has I'm not sure though lol, what I pump is sort of a yellowish color. I'm thinkin it's milk but all this is new to me.

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I just love her hair!! I am praying for her. I know how hard it is to have a nicu baby, I have been there! I hope she comes home soon to be with you!

Yay for the breastfeeding! That is a good amount to be pumping! Will you try and get her to latch when she can feed or continue the bottle with the breast milk?

Sending hugs and prayers!

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I will just keep giving her bottles once she is out. She will have bottles in there so im not too sure how long she will be there plus if between the bottle and nipple she would have latching issues so ill just keep her to what she will know lol.

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That is a lot of hair Smile I'm glad you are able to start pumping so you can get a supply started for her. Continuing to keep Maya, you and your family in my thoughts.

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I'm glad you received some good news with the ultrasounds today. Keep us update on the MRA outcome too. Maya's hair is so thick!!! I love it! I would say that you are transitioning from colostrum to milk based on what you described. My milk wasn't in until late into the 3rd day and before that I could only get 1/4oz pumping.

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She is so adorable Smile i am very glad that you received some positive information Wink keep your chin up (hugs)

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She's so adorable. Poor little pumpkin. I'm sorry she has had such a rough start to life. Praying things are resolved soon so you can take her home. :bigarmhug:

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