Maybe TMI but..

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Maybe TMI but..

I was wondering if anyone else is leaking breast milk already. I stopped nursing about 2 months before I got pregnant again but I stopped leaking about 6 months before I stopped. I started leaking at about 6 weeks pregnant and I've never leaked with any of my other pregnancy's. So this is new to me. I know it's completely normal though. Just wondering if anyone else has started leaking yet or if I'm the odd ball.

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I don't think it's that weird since you were just nursing so recently.

I haven't nursed since '08 & am not yet leaking. Kind of expecting to though since my boobs are so tender.

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I agree with Lesley.

I'm not leaking but odd thing is, I don't really leak, even when I am nursing. Hmmm...?

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I have dried up milk in my bra at night so I am sure I leak sometime during the day. This has been happening to me since I quit nursing back in Feb/Mar of '09 though.

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not leaking! I weaned Luke when i was 10 weeks pregnant. I haven't been able to express anything either. I never leaked though even when nursing Wink

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I'm not leaking either but I keep checking for milk. About this point last time I had already started leaking a little so I'm surprised it hasn't started yet.

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I have not either and my breast are not as soar anymore but still very heavy.. not sure whats up with that. (guessing it's normal)