Measuring Ahead! O.o

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Measuring Ahead! O.o

So I had my glucose test today, keeping my fingers crossed that the results are ok! The drink didn't really bother me at all. I have PCOS so I know my risk is a bit higher.

The crazy thing is, according to my fundal height I'm measuring 3 weeks ahead! O.o

I'm not really worried about it, I'm overweight and didn't really have taught stomach muscles to begin with...but of course I have that nagging voice in my head! My doctor didn't seem too concerned, but asked if Brad or I were big babies at birth. Well, it turns out my DH was apparently 10 freaking pounds and had to be delivered Cesarean! :eek:

Anyone else out there measuring ahead according to fundal height? I've read it can be a bit inaccurate, but just curious if anyone else out there was experiencing this!

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That fundal height wouldn't be considered measuring ahead. It is right on schedule if it is +/- 3cm of your week.

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I honestly wouldn't worry too much as I don't exactly trust fundal heights. My first babe measured right on each time and he was 8lbs 15oz and my second measured 2-3 weeks behind everytime and she was 8lbs 12oz. I am guessing this next babe will be in the 9lb range and I am only 5'2". ALmost always our bodies make babies they can birth Smile I know many women that have birthed 10 pounders vaginally. I am sure your babe is the perfect size:)

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Hope your glucose test goes well!! Yucky drink! 3 weeks ahead yikes Smile Thats ok I wouldn't be worried. How much were you at birth?

With my last son I always measured big like 3 or 4 weeks over and they thought he was like 11 or 12 lbs at birth he was 8lbs 3oz!

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The silly thing about the fundal height is that all depending on how much you have had to eat, drink, or baby's position it can change by a fair bit. At my last appointment I was measuring 3 weeks behind, but the first time my midwife measured I was 4 weeks behind, then baby shifted position and I measured a full cm bigger then I was measuring before and he only shifted just slightly as in went from his back facing into my left hip to facing out but still down in my left hip. Amount of fluid can make you measure big too. My late sister always measured 2+weeks ahead with her last and they figured a big baby but the baby came out just under 7 pounds and she had a TON of amniotic fluid which caused her to measure ahead. Crazy part is baby always measured big on u/s too. Judging by u/s and by fundal measurements they were guessing an 8-9 pound baby.

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I always measured 3-4 ahead with my son and he was a big baby, 8lb 13oz born at 38 weeks. He would have been well over 10 if i went full term. With this LO I measure right on track with my weeks.

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I'm only measuring 1 week ahead, but the baby is measuring about 4 weeks ahead, so go figure! I'm not sure how that giant baby is fitting in my normal sized belly.

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Hope your test comes back normal.
I am measuring pretty much right on. earlier I was 1 week behind.

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Good Luck with your test, I am actually measuring ahead as well but doctor doesn't seem to think it means I will have a very large baby. I guess it just depends on the person?