Merry Christmas!

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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

I hope everyone has a fun and safe Christmas! To all our new moms enjoy their first Christmas! I am sure everyone is busy and having fun.

I wonder if anyone will have a Christmas baby from this board?

We have a nice low key Christmas. Today we are taking the kids to the mall to ride the train, it takes you all around the mall and it's fun for them. We are also having dinner there so I don't have to cook! Plus I have to run to the grocery store ugh crazy me! We need more eggs making all our goodies we ran out of eggs! Tomorrow is just opening presents and having a nice breakfast and watching Christmas movies. I am making a nice big dinner here and we might see my mom at night for some gifts but with her who knows!

Enjoy your Christmas!

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Merry Christmas everyone! I guess I could have a Christmas baby but dh is telling me he prefer I wait until Monday. LOL. I'll see what I can do. We have easy days today and tomorrow and are looking forward to our last Christmas as a family of three.

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Merry Christmas!

Our 4 yr old is crazy excited right now...jumping around and going a little nuts.

Today I plan to clean and prepare for a lovely picturesque tomorrow. Got to clean the kitchen so we can destroy it tonight with all the cookie making and tomorrow with the overly large Christmas dinner I have planned for just the 3 of us. I'm expecting lots and lots of turkey dinner leftovers in the freezer.

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Have a great Christmas everyone! Today will be spent getting food and pies prepped for tomorrows feast Smile Later tonight we will do stockings and Santa will come once the kiddos are sleeping. I was also wondering if anyone would be having a Christmas baby, that would be exciting.

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Merry Christmas everyone!
we have family over tonight- tomorrow at the inlaws, first time out since getting home from the hospital. And I am just loving cudding with Sophia- a great early xmas gift for our family.

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Merry Christmas to all! I'm still in a shock that I have a 1 week old now! We had Christmas with the ILs (they came over) yesterday and now my parents and brother are here. Mom is cooking our Christmas dinner and I just had a nice nap. Nicholas loved all of his toys and is enjoying all the extra attention from his visitors. He is getting sick though so I worry that he will give the cold to the baby so we are being careful to wash our hands more.

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Merry Christmas everyone !!! Biggrin

We had such a wonderful day and I'm so happy that I didn't go into labor. My goal was to make it through Christmas, and I'm very happy that I did. My EDD is this coming Sunday (Jan. 1st), so this should be a very exciting week for us. Now that all the Christmas excitement is over, I'm really getting excited about meeting this LO. I can't wait to find out if it is a boy or a girl ! Biggrin