Middles Names :) How do you Choose?How Many?

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Middles Names :) How do you Choose?How Many?

I wanted to know how everyone will choose their childs middle name? How many will they have? Do you not want a middle name? Share your other kids middle names!

All my kids have 3 or 4 middle names!! LoL It's so fun! As you can see I rather not be the average joe and have 1 or 2! So baby #5 will have 4 middle names. The boys both have hubbys name and middle name as their first 2 middle names and we use family names for the rest or names we like that sound good!

So here are my kids middle names

Maddy Helen Grace Carrol
Lucille Felicia Anne Lynn
Wade James Patrick John Henry
LeLand James Patrick John Oliver

The hospital birth cert. lady just loved me!!!! And the ss# cards for the boys have 3 lines lol!

Ok share yours!

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I think for this one if it's a boy middle name will be Sean after DH, so we're thinking Nikolas Sean and Girl will be Olyvia Nicole & DS's middle name is Anthony.

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Well DD has a family middle name... my grandmothers and mothers - Faye. If this baby is a girl it will have the middle name Marie (that's mine and my MIL's) and if it's a boy it will have the middle name Graham (my FIL's mn).

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We usually go with family names for middle names except for DS#4, but that's because of flow.

DS#1 is Kai Brennan (a family surname)
DS#2 is Cullan Ray (my fathers middle and great grandfather's name)
DS#3 is Peyton Douglas (my great grandfathers middle name)

DS#4 broke this tradition. All boys on DH's side have his fathers name as middle name, William. DH really wanted this to continue. I wanted his name to be Rourke but I really thought it flowed better the other way.

DS#4 is William Rourke

If this is a boy, I already know his name:
Henry (my great grandfathers name) William Nash (family surname).
He'll go by Nash. :love:

If this is a girl, I have no idea but I am draw to Catherine (my great grandmothers middle name) or Blanche (my grandmothers name)

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We don't have a pattern to choosing middle names, but mostly they are family names so far.

Dh didn't want a Junior, so instead of naming our ds1 after him, we gave him dh's first name as his middle, Thayn. So he is Joseph Thayn (and joseph is actually for dh's grandpa who died right before ds was born).

DD's first name we just liked, and her middle name is sorta for my mom. My mom is Laura, but I didn't like how it sounded with Kaitlyn, so we changed it to Alora, so Kaitlyn Alora.

Ds2 is named Weston, again, a version of Wesley (dh's other grandpa's name) and middle name is named after my grandpa--James. So we have Weston James.

This baby shall remain nameless for a long time yet. We have not discussed a single name, nor have any ideas. We probably won't even bring anything to the table until we know what we are having, it is just so much easier to cut out 50% of the name choices Wink So another 11-15 weeks and we'll start the discussions Smile

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For DS his name is Nicholas Andrew. Nicholas is a family name and we just liked Andrew...it means "manly". I also grew up on "Saint Andrews Rd" so that is a neat coincidence.

DH is a III and I told him when we got married there would be no Clifton Warren IV. We MAY use Clifton as the middle name if we have a boy, although I would like to use my dad's name DAVID for a middle name.

If we have a girl, Lorraine is the name of my mom and also my grandmother. It would be nice to use it for a middle name as I'm not keen on the name..I may try to find a variation. Julia Lorriane would flow well with our last name and sounds very feminine so that meets my criteria but I have to talk Clif into it.

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We have a '3 letter' middle name game going on. We didn't mean to, but after 2 or 3 it felt weird to change it.

We have
Dustin Lee
Myles Ray
Harvey Dru
Charlie Jak pronounced Jack
Shanna Mae
Amberly Joy

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If its a girl the middle name will probably be Ann because thats my mom's middle name. My DD # 1 has my MIL middle name Marie because it flowed well with her name.

If its a boy I am not sure. I never looked at any boy names with my first because we like to wait until we know the gender to pick a name.

My Husband is a III as well, and I told him the same thing about there never being a IV. Its so confusing having two people with the same exact name. That is a good idea to use the name as a middle name so that it at least gets carried on in a way.

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DD has my maiden name as her middle name. This baby (I think it's a boy) will likely have my dad's name as his middle name, but we might use both my dad's name and DH's dad's name. Although that is sort of weird because DH dad's name just happens to be my dad's middle name (spelled differently), so not sure. DH's name starts with a J and his dad's name starts with a J and his dad's name starts with a J, etc. We likely need a J first name, so then maybe if we do that we are honoring DH's dad that way and we can just use my dad's name as the middle name... sound reasonable?

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I never had a middle name and always wanted one so I make sure that my kids have middle names. DS1's name came to DH in a dream when he was 15 years old so that was easy, Shawn Karius, DS2 we picked after we found out what we were having and DH liked the name Michael but I didn't like it as a first name and DH wanted Erastus after his great great grandpa, it just didn't sound right to me until I found the name William, DH and I, at the same time, ran all 3 names together in the same order and loved it, so his name is William Michael Erastus.

For girls the names we have picked out are, Rose Afton(after DH's gma that passed in Feb), Angessa(an-yay-sa) Marie ?Grace?, and Awdrianna(aww-dre-ona) Kristy.

The grace thing is for some reason that just came to me with Marie after I had DS2 and DH and I both like the way it sounds so we might use it if we use that name for a girl, but it's still up in the air. The other names are fairly solid, though I still can't seem to get the name Lydia out of my head.

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We kind of just use what we like lol. DS is Zachary Stephen, same middle name of the pos i used to call his dad. This baby, if its a girl her name will be Maya Lee, same middle name as my cousin and if its a boy it will be Gavin Joseph, middle name after my father.

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If we have a boy, his middle name will likely be Jack, after DH's dad. It goes with so many names, and it's just a really appealing name to me. Plus my FIL will love that he has a namesake. DH also wants to work John in there somewhere (his and his dad's middle names), but I'm not crazy about naming my kid after a toilet (no offense to all the Johns out there!).

I really like Holden Jack. DH and I are both Catcher in the Rye fans.

For a girl, I have no idea...haven't come up with any ideas there yet. DD's middle name is Caitlyn, I just really liked the name - it doesn't have any family significance.

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I think I may be a super traditionalist, but I don't understand the need for more than one middle name - no one on either side of my family has more than one middle name. I honestly never knew anyone growing up with more than one middle name, except one girl who's middle name was Mary Anne.

As for us, the only thing we do with middle names is give the kids Hebrew middle names as a hat-tip to Mr. Berry's Jewish roots - Thing 1's name is Katrina Adara, Thing 2's name is Alexandra Elizabeth, and the Noob's name will be David Aaron (actually it's Mr. Berry's grandfather's name, but I know I'll be explaining "No, it's not after me" his whole life) or Madeline Isabella. I know Isabella isn't a Hebrew name, but I'm honestly not liking Madeline paired up with anything else.

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DH and I had just talked about using standard family middles names - Wayne (both DH and my brother's middle name), or Lee (me and my Dad) for a boy, or Jean or Lee for a girl (Jean is my mother's middle name). Joseph has been thrown around because both our grandfathers had that as a first or middle name.

But DH and I were IM'ing the other day, and he threw out an idea that has also crossed my mind - the middle name of Cooper. Cooper was our nephew, who passed away this last January with cancer - he was only 4. I think we both like the idea of honoring him...there is just some family drama that could come about (DH's family is a tad bit insane). Nothing like fighting or anything...but I don't want to make our baby about something else...does that make sense?

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I prefer names with very special meanings to us. DS is Deacon Elwood - Elwood was Dh's grandad's name, he passed away right at the same time we got pg. We always had planned to use his name as a first or middle name so it made it even more important to us then.

I've always planned to use Elaine as my DD's middle name (if I have one) because its my middle name we well as my mom's, grandmothers, BFF's and BFF's daughter. However, I am starting to think I'm not married to passing it on after all.

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Oh and since we are on this topic, I wanted to mention that in my family (growing up) All the girl (grandma, mom, both my sisters) all had the middle name Lorraine. Not sure how it missed me, as my middle name is Marie, but I always appreciated having my own middle name.

My older sister has 3 girls, and named them all with the middle name Lorraine!

Also our middle names started out as family names as well.. but we are on #7 and we have had to just start using some of our own.

My dh is Lee.. first dh middle name is Lee.
2nd son's MN is Ray. My grandfather (maternal) middle name is Ray
3rd son MN is Dru - Andrew is a family name on my side.. so we modified it a bit Wink
4th son we had a Pastor named Jack that we really loved. We named our son with the middle name 'Jak' (changed it to fit our 3 letter name game thingy)
5th our first daughter is May which is after another grandma.
6th our second daughter is Joy. She is the first one with no family connection to her middle name, but I do have a cousin named Amber, and we named our daughter Amberly.

No clue on middle names for this one yet. We always pick out a first name and then try to pick the middle name.

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This was a touchy subject even before DH and I decided to get married. He has been fixated on having his child's middle name be Action, as in "Action is my middle name" like Danger. I have always said absolutely not as I think the child would get teased and I don't see the humor in it. We are now coming to a middle ground where I will consider the name Praxis which is ancient Greek for the act of engaging or realizing an idea, kind of along the lines of action. It was kind of strange at first but it is starting to grow on me. But I would only use Praxis if it is a boy. If it is a girl I like the middle name Jolynn because it uses parts of my mom's (Marilyn) and MIL's (Mary Jo).

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I have to say - Action may be cool to your DS if you have one. And if he hates it, he never has to tell anyone.:)

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"Jenn0113" wrote:

I have to say - Action may be cool to your DS if you have one. And if he hates it, he never has to tell anyone.:)

I think if I could see Action as being connected with things like adventure and being pro-active then it might be cool, especially if he became an explorer or civil rights activist. But then I think what if this kid turns out be a serious couch potato, then it's kind of a joke. Then I think about its other implication which is to 'get some action' as in sexually. DH & I are far from conservative and it probably wouldn't hold any meaning to the kid or his peers until he was older, but for some reason that also causes a hang up between me and the name.

I remember a story in Freakonomics where a man supposedly named one child Winner and another Loser. Winner went on to commit several crimes and not really amount to much while his brother Loser went on to have educational and career success so I guess name does not always dictate who you become or how successful you are though we parents put so much thought and time into it Smile