Migraines help!

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Migraines help!

I have had a migraine headache for 2 days straight now. Its horrible and I know I am not supposed to take anything other than tylenol but to be honest tylenol just doesn't do it for me. I have always done well with Advil but that is one thing I guess I'm not supposed to take while preggo. I went ahead and took 2 last night because I was so miserable... it didn't do anything. Now its been a whole 2 days and nothing helps. Any suggestions?

I also have pain all down my neck. I'm not sure if something is pinched or what but it sucks! Help!

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No help here but quite a few ladies here have been dealing with same thing so I hope you can get some great advice.

Have you talked to your doctor?

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I wish I could give you some advice on meds, but I haven't had a migraine while I've been pregnant. Have you ever been to a chiropractor? I started seeing one for migraines before I got preggo with DD. She worked wonders! I haven't had one in years. She was doing the adjustments in my neck which is where my alignment was off. She continued to help throughout my pregnancy. I know its not necessarily an immediate fix, but if you get them a lot, it could help them go away for good.

I'm sorry hun! Sad I hope this helps!

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I've been struggling with them while pg as well. My ob prescribed fiorecet. It has helped when I do get them. Nothing else has seemed to work for me. I hate when I google migraines in pg and everything says to get in a dark room, sleep, take Tylenol. That stuff would never cut it with my migraines.

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I was in the hospital over the weekend bc of a migraine, I get them about once a week and I would usualy take excedrin migraine, and have been (even while pregant) bc anyone who has had one, lets face it you are willing to do whatever it takes to get rid of it, especially when you have a 1 year old to take care of. But last week I researched the risk of taking EM while pregnant and it said it had a high risk of M/C so, this weekend when i get one, i went to the hospital, hoping they would give me something safe and that would get ride of the killer migraine, unfortunately whatever they gave me didnt compleatly take the migraine totally away. I have my first Ob appt July 13th and I will explaine my situation and hopefully they will give me something else.
I really hope your migraine goes away very soon! I know how bad the are!!