Morning Sickness

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Morning Sickness

I dont like it. Not even a little bit. Everyday its getting worse and I just woke myself up by vomiting. Cant keep anything down, food is not appealing today. I just wanna cry. Maybe when I go in for my ultrasound today the doctor can give me something for nausea? Zofran or phenergan or something... does anyone have xperience with that? :puke2::puke2::puke2:

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I don't.. generally just have mild m/s and only 3 times out of 7 so far. This time has been my worst, but no throwing up.

I can sympathize though because I HATE throwing up, it's one of the worst things in the world for me.


Sometimes the pills work and other times they don't. I've heard eating beans through out the day works. For me this time anything high in carbohydrates makes me sick for hours Sad

Are you able to keep anything down? Do you think you have the extreme morning sickness? It's called Hyperemesis Gravidarum. If that is the case, you definetly need to talk to your Dr. I have a friend with this and she throws up, up to 10 times a day, poor gal Sad

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IMO Zofran is better than phenergan if you have the choice. Phenergan is a tranquilizer and it just knocked me out. I can take zofran during the day and still function.

I hope you feel better. If you can't keep liquids down you need to see the dr. because they might give you an IV for dehydration.

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Mine was absolutely terrible there for a while but it has finally subsided. It rears it's ugly head time to time but i would rather have that than the all day sickness I had for weeks. I would def talk to the dr or even call them if you can't keep anything at all down. We don't need a dehydrated momma on our hands. Hopefully they can give you something to ease it up so you can start enjoying your pregnancy a little more.

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Today Im not able to keep anything down and my head is just pounding. I need to get ready to go to my appointment so Ill keep everyone updated when I get back. Hopefullly Ill have som ultrasound pics to post