Morning sickness suddenly worse?

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Morning sickness suddenly worse?

I am 12 and a half weeks, and at the beginning of this past week I was thinking I was starting to kick the whole MS thing. I had two or three days where I felt pretty good and my all day nausea was at a minimum. Well, suddenly these last three days I have felt AWFUL and am actually getting sick to my stomach (the last 6 weeks it has really just been nausea for the most part, only getting sick a handul of times over that whole time period). What the heck?!?! Someone please tell me this is like the last hurrah or something, and it's going to end any time now. It seems so much worse than it has been right now, and I just can't stand the idea of feeling sick much longer! I don't remember it getting worse at the end of the first tri with my other kids.

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I hope you start to feel better soon, ginger gum is really good that might help or those sea bands from walmart.

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The sea bands worked fir me too. I hope it let's up soon for you.

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Ugh, that stinks. Hopefully it'll subside in a few days, never to return.

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Awww I hope you feel better SOONNN Smile

I had a rough 2 weeks and then poof gone.. of course that worried me alot but the U/S showed all is well Smile So I am hoping that was the end of it..
(HUGS to you.. hope you feel better soon)

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:bighug: that stinks! I hope you feel better soon!

My doc told me to take 25mg of vitamin b6 three times a day along with a ginger supplement (I think they're 400mg) 3 times a day as well. It seems to be really helping me a LOT!