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Movement question

From what I read babies movenent changes at this time. However it was such a sudden difference it has me worried. But everyone around me tells me it's nothing. Like yesterday he moved about 11 am nothing until about 9 pm. His movement is like little rolls or small bumps. I am so used to him giving me hard kick or real noticeable rolls ;( but everyone says as long as you feel him moving around he is fine. I am sure he his just strange how suddden.

Just wondering if anyone is going through the same thing?

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L will sometimes not move for several hours or move hardly at all for a few days. I've found that's usually when he is going through a growth spurt. He still moves a ton most day but they aren't as constant. It's more in spurts now. I can always poke at him and bug him to get him to move though, or eat something sweet and sugary. It may be completely normal for your baby not to move much at the end but if it's making you nervous I might mention something to your dr. especially if you can't get him moving with some poking and sweet, like juice or candy.

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Agreed! Baby boy moves much less that is noticeable.

Funny though, I won't feel a thing and at my doctors appt I can hear movement on the Doppler. I assumed I would feel all his movements at this size but it's just not true. I feel the big ones but the little swipes I can hear but cannot feel.

You should be doing kick counts. They say 10 movements in an hour or do, I think. I've never actually done one 'for real' because I'll start counting and then forget plus he used to move 10 times in say, 5 minutes. But since I've reached 37 weeks (38 now) I notice the movements slowed way down. Just not enough room in there.

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Maya is the same way. I'll get a couple days of really good kicks and bumps and then it's like she goes into a hybernation mode and I just get rolls. She doesn't like those days becUse I poke and prod at her a lot when that happens.