My chart and symptoms

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My chart and symptoms

I am cautiously posting here. If I did conceive, I would have a EDD of January 1.

Here is my chart:

I have been charting since 1997. For the last several years, I have mainly used FF to just track my AFs. For various reasons, I actually charted my temps and CM this cycle, instead of just the first day of AF.

As for unusual things during this cycle, here is the list. All are easily explained away.

At 8DPO, I had highly vivid and extremely emotional dreams. I haven't had those before/after that one day.

My left breast has been tender to the touch for the last couple days, starting in the afternoon and lasting until bedtime. It doesn't hurt in the morning. It also seems bigger.

I am gassy at both ends and am bloated.

My belly feels warm, not to the touch, but inside.

My legs are cold, to the touch and inside. They were actually shivering almost to the point of looking like a convulsion yesterday morning. I ended up wearing longjohns under my pants yesterday. They are not as cold today, but I will probably still require longjohns.

I am lightheaded and dizzy.

I am hungry, but cannot eat much before feeling full.

I have mild heartburn, which I never have.

My daughter was ill a couple days ago with a low grade fever and fatigue and I wonder if I might have a touch of it as well and if it is causing some of my symptoms. The rest could just be my mind playing a trick on me. Of course, an illness would not create my chart.

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You are looking tri-phasic for sure in your chart. Bloating is my #1 sign of pregnancy so far along with tender breasts so that is promising too.

I say test!!!!

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I agree, your chart looks great. A tri-phasic dip right where it should be. Got my fingers crossed for you!!

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Very promising. Can't wait for you to test!

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I have been charting since 1997 too!
You have a very nice chart indeed with what looks like an implantation dip! When are you going to test?

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I agree! Your temps look awesome and I definitely see that dip (looks like implant dip to me)

I would totally be testing like a psychotic maniac with those temps LOL


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It appears that I should have waited one more day before posting. It is all over now. My temp plummeted this morning. My youngest did wake me up early, but I have found that my temp stays true, no matter the circumstances surrounding it.

Now I wish I would have just done my regular recording when AF visits, instead of charting my cm and temp b/c then I would have saved myself the stress. My cycles are usually 24-26 days; 48 out of the last 69 cycles according to FF. If I hadn't seen the pretty chart, I would have chalked up my symptoms as a mild illness since my daughter was ill earlier this week. If AF arrives today, that is only 23 days. If I get one more day of vacation from AF, then this cycle has been 24 days, which is normal.

Oh well, at least I didn't waste my money on a hpt.

Thanks for the kind comments. At least I know I wasn't the only one who thought there was a good chance with this chart. Sad

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I'm sorry...I hope you get a bfp soon!