My next o/b appt and N/T Scan

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My next o/b appt and N/T Scan

I was waiting on my o/b office to call and get me in to do another scan the vaginal tool was broken so they had to do the us the normal way and they got a heartbeat and it looked good but my dr wanted a better look well they have nothing till July 18th! My dr called me last night and said it would be fine and we can just do everything in 1 day but I was looking forward to seeing the bean again. So that is like 6 weeks in between appts. Anyone else have their next appt a little farther out?

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Ehn, I know it's annoying but you were so early with your first appt that it's most likely not a big deal.

Mine are 4 weeks apart (not including my NT scan) but my docs don't see you until 10 weeks. You'll be about 12/13 weeks for your next appt which is perfect for the Doppler, too. Smile

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I don't even have my first until July 12th! Then they are every 4 weeks after that. Usually between your first and second appointment, if the first was fairly early in the pregnancy, the do a 6 weeks gap. They usually don't do the 4 weeks gap unless you are over 10 weeks. At least that's how my OB was.

But yeah, I'm still waiting to go to my first appointment and I wont get to see my bean for the first time until I'm 20 weeks. Unless my midwife feels I need one sooner because something doesn't seem right.

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I went yesterday at 10 weeks and don't go back until 16 weeks--august 2nd! This is to get me back on track to the 12/16/20/24 etc schedule. So unless I do the NT scan in 2 weeks, then i don't go back for 6.

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I haven't even had my first appt yet either! Going a little crazy and getting pretty impatient! LOL. It is Monday, so thankfully not too much longer!

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I hear ya! Smile

I had my second appt already, on June 20th, but my OB said that we will wait to hear the HB just when I do my transvaginal u/s with NT on July 12th, when I am around weeks 11-12. I am also very impatient, but oh well... there is nothing I can do! Smile

At my second appt she also requested more blood work, including a glycemic curve, not that I am presently at risk for gestational diabetes, but she does the screening anyway, at different stages of the pregnancy. And gave me some great tips regarding my eating habits... guess I need 6 meals a day now, small ones...

Let's be patient... we are almost at the same stage in our pregnancies.
hugssss :0)

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I'm glad you saw the heartbeat!!!!

My OB appts are every 4 weeks but maybe your OB likes to have all pg mommies come on the same time scale (ie: i want to see them at 12 weeks, not 13 or 11)