Name Finally Decided! Need help on spelling...

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Name Finally Decided! Need help on spelling...

After much debate I think we have FINALLY settled on a name! We are going to name #3 Jackson. Smile That has always been in my top 3 favorite boys names but when my daughter became friends with my neighbors son and his name was Jackson, I just couldnt do it when #2 came along! But they have since moved and now I dont have a Jackson in my life anymore.

Sooo...that being said, we are trying to decide whether to spell the name Jackson or Jaxon. Middle name would be a family name - Arthur (not my favorite but it is a compromise with DH). I prefer the spelling Jackson but like the shorter "Jax" as a I am torn. I am not too much into funky/different spellings but I could get past it so that I could legitimately call him Jax. Wink

I need opinions...which would you choose?

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I like the spelling Jackson! Cute name and you could definitely go with Jax for a nickname.

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I live in Jacksonville and the Jaguar's mascot is Jaxson-daville. So when I see that spelling that is what I think of. I'm sure i'm no help but I like Jackson better. Smile

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I like Jaxon Smile

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I'm more into traditional spellings, so I like Jackson. But I see no problem with shortening it to Jax--tons of people have short forms that don't necessarily match the original spelling of the name. ("Bill" for "William," anyone?)

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I think Jaxon is more popular right now. I'm more of the traditionalist for spelling but I do like Jac better than Jack. I would have no problem naming him Jackson and calling him Jax...but that could just be me.

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I like traditional spellings too so Jackson. You can always call him Jax for short no matter what.

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I agree with PP. I like the traditional spelling better but you can still call him Jax for short. The other spelling is really popular now with that name too.

I can't say I always go with traditional spelling though because of L's name. Not traditional at all but matches my other boys. So we stuck with family tradition rather than just how it should be spelled. But in your case I prefer the traditional spelling.

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I also prefer Jackson. Biggrin

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I would spell his name Jackson but you can call him Jax for short. I think having a formal or conventional spelling is nice to fall back on (think about resumes, etc) but having a fun informal nickname like Jax can be cool for him growing up. We named our son Phineas but call him Finn/Phin for short (spelling still being worked out) so nicknames don't necessarily have to relate to spelling of given name.

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I like Jackson Smile
My jackson is 7 yrs old- we went for the traditional spelling. We prefer the traditional ways instead of the newer changed spellings. You can call him Jax, Jac, jack.... whatever you want as a nickname will work.

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I tend to agree with the board ;). I luv the name Jackson & I like the nickname Wink

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My nephew's name is Jaxson so I'm partial to that spelling!

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Thanks ladies! I think we will go with Jackson. Smile I sure wish he'd decide to enter the world soon...getting super uncomfortable!

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Jax was on our boy list! I love that name!