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Are there any names you LOVE but could never name your child? Either because you can't imagine calling a child that name or because DH vetoed it?

I've always liked The name Fallon but I can't imagine calling a child this.

Also the name Poppy. We called my great grandfather this so it has a very strong connotation for me.

Harper is another name.

So, anyone else have names you love but will never use?

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I love Noah, but our last name starts with an N, so that sounds silly. We almost named DD Lillian but didn't because it ends in N. I also really like Ethan (again the N problem) but I also think it's too popular. Picking a name for #2 seems extra hard because it has to match with DD's name.

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Mostly names that were ruined by former students. There are LOTS of those.

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Lydia! I love, love that name but for some reason I just can't see any of my daughters named that. Oh and Mathew. For some reason DH doesn't like that name.

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"AmberBella" wrote:

Mostly names that were ruined by former students. There are LOTS of those.

Ugh! Isn't that the Worst! My horrible, evil old boss had Rose as one of her names...nope, never using that, thank you very much.

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I love Andrew, but my dh says no way! LOL Another student ruined the name for him back in the day.

I also like Brandon.. dh says no. I'm not dead set on those, I just really like them.

Marie. My dh's mom's name is Marie and she passed away when my dh was a child. Because of that almost EVERYONE has used that name as a middle name. My middle name is Marie, but we feel it's way over used in the family, and is losing it's meaning. But I like my middle name, and I like the name Marie Smile

When I was pregnant with my first I loved the name Austin, although I no longer care for it. Dh said no.

Travis. I like it, but I know a lot of people with the name who are not an example I'd want to use for one of my kids. Kind of scares me how the Travis' in this area have turned out!

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Christy- I feel the same way about the name Robert! Everyone I have ever met has been a jerk/dirtbag! So weird.

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Maeleigh (pronounced may-lee) I LOVE this name, but it sounds dumb with our M last name.

And Charlotte, but dh has vetoed it (though I keep mentioning it, hoping it will grow on him LOL.

Also I LOVE the name Coraline, and call her Cora or Cory, but the movie RUINS it! I really didn't like that movie much, too dark for my tastes, as it felt like a dark kids movie.

There are probably more I'm not thinking of at the moment.

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I love the name Lillian but I have a co-worker that I can't stand with that name.

For a boy, I love Nathan but that is my cousin's name and also Christopher but that is the name that my SIL wants to use if they have a boy (they might try for a third, but aren't sure yet).

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I like Savannah - it rhymes with my last name so I wouldnt go there. I also like Brice but DH hates it. DH likes Evan but it gets a NO vote from me. Smile

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"AmberBella" wrote:

Mostly names that were ruined by former students. There are LOTS of those.

Mr. Berry has lots of those, too. Thankfully none of them ruined David, as that's our go-to boy's name, and in his line of work he deals with many more male students than female students.

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Hmmm...when I was a kid I always liked the name Deanna, but I don't think it would work with our last name. I like the names Brandon and Alex, but those have been ruined by people I knew. I still like the idea of a "boy-ish" girl name - like Alexandria, but DH is not going there with me, lol! Which is fine, because apparently he met someone with this name "Memry" once (I don't know if the spelling is right, just think of Mem-Ree)...and for some reason thought that was a really pretty name...but I do NOT share his taste on that one! Wink

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Jackson - too popular for us now and my cousin used it for her kid - GRRR. It was my uncle and my grandfathers name (her cousin and uncle) but she thought she needed it - ugh.

Emma - Dh's ex's name